Is your hand egg shaped?

It’s that time of the year when millions of people fast
eating only chocolate eggs for an entire weekend.
A fast way to turn into the shape of an egg.

If, when you pull your thumb in towards your hand,
the overall shape of your hand is oval, shaped like an egg
no this doesn’t mean you’ve eaten too much chocolate this weekend.
This indicates you have a Conic hand shape.

You love and need harmony and surrounding yourself with beauty.
Harmony is your oxygen as well as the gift you bring to others
and your environment. Acknowledge yourself for having this
ability and take your own need for harmony seriously.

To find out more about hand shape take a foundational class with Jena
or join us in Earth School where we’re busy discussing advanced hand shape archetypes with Richard Unger.
There are some free calls inside the free auditorium of Earth School.

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