Limited time special offer on practical hand analysis classes

I’ve decided to open up this special offer – originally only for Earth School members – to the broader community.

Get all 12 practical threading calls this year for nearly half of what it’ll cost you to buy them individually.

These are the follow up calls to the monthly topic calls.
They’re roll up your sleeves, sharpen your skills, practical hand analysis training designed to help advanced and master hand analysts all around the world.

There’s simply no better way to brush up, fine tune your skills and take your understanding of hands to the next level.

Find out more about this limited time special offer here.
Valid until midnight Monday.

You’ll receive the links to the first two calls when you sign in.

If you’re from another school of thought this will give you insight into why everyone is so excited about how to read a palm using modern day scientific hand analysis.
limited time special offer here.

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