The archetypal energy of Hermes/Mercury shows up through the length and shape of the pinkie finger and markers under it.


Mercury finger

Comparing finger lengths


Long Mercury

Quick, sharp clever, the code breaker.


Short Mercury

An inaccurate mirror of themselves


The sand bagger

Long mercury, Earth hand


The story teller

long Mercury, big moon


Bent Mercury

Issues of trust, crooked communications


Mercury falling ‘into the ocean’

independent thinking (stand alone); Feeling isolated


Tip shapes

Square tipped Mercury

The business man


Pointy tipped Mercury

The Cosmic staircase


Mercury Zones

Large upper zone = brainstorming, ideas
(see first two images on this page)
Large middle = good negotiator


Large lower = healthy sexual appetite

4th Mercury zone

extra challenges in sexual zone


Missing middle zone

non negotiator??


Low set Mercury

I need more closeness


Mercury markers

Lines of genius


Gifted healer

medical stigmata palm marker


Mercury star


Love at first sight

love at first sight palm marker

Point of intimacy bubble


Anger lines


dangling x’s

Feeling unsupported; betrayal.


Flirt lines


Mercury attack lines

Point of intimacy attack = a ‘divorce’ line


Disastrous marriage line

love at first sight + intimacy attack line

Mercury mate selector


Ruthless mind

Diagnotic, detective brain


Desire pollution


Strong Mercury line

Good intuition. With no saturn line = the seeker.


Mercury line through lifeline

Gut feel intuition


Line of clairvoyance

Curved mercury line = extraordinary intuition, the life coach

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