Mother healing – the blurry roots

Tree Roots

On the weekend I cycled 50km with my son
including up two serious mountain passes.
(The last one in the pitch dark.)
This was our first real cycle together.

Why the over-kill?

I said I thought he was too young to go up hills
then he said he thought I was too old – so we just kept
going and going to see who would fall over first.
Then the next day we rode 30km – including a race
through a forest (I only saw a blur of tree roots)
to go swimming in a lake – and we came home up
another mountain pass….

Hopefully I haven’t damaged our relationship
forever on a soul level. 😉

Tomorrow………. today?!
Tuesday, 7 June 2011
2pm Eastern, 8pm Switzerland/Central Europe
I’ll be interviewing Itzhak Beery on how to
heal the relationship between ourselves and
our mothers on a soul level.
(I’ll record this call for the next generation ;-))

Itzhak says that this primary relationship influences
much that goes on in your life and also your
relationship to nature.
Here’s the link to listen to Mother Healing:
More about this

Hand analysis tip.
How does too much mommy show up in hands?

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