My 1.1.11 wish for you: angels with short fingernails

In the latest Guinness book of records there´s this picture of a man

with 9m long fingernails. About half a metre of curly ivory on the end

of each finger. Looks like if he sneezes, or the wind blows, these brittle

yellow snail trails will shatter and his whole life will be over.

A few nights ago I dreamt that most angels have nails like this.

But not by choice.

Did you know, they’re not allowed to help unless asked?

So they’re sitting around waiting for us to actually ask…


My New Year/ New Decade wish for you:

May your next decade be full of love, peace, happiness, health and abundance

due to inspired guidance and massive inspired action.

May all the your angels in your life have short fingernails and happy faces.

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