Life purpose in German

Monika Hauser and Nina Nanz have spent the last few months exploring how they can best bring the Earth School series with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths to the German speaking community.
The Life Purpose calls that took place in English are now available in German.
Monika and Nina are dedicated to keeping the content and finer nuances of our classes true to the original.

Richard Unger und Jena Griffiths in deutscher Sprache!

Schon bald können auch deutschsprachige handanalyse Studentinnen und Studenten direkt von Richard Unger lernen und profitieren!
Ab 2016 werden Nina Nanz und Monika Hauser monatlich eines von den bereits sehr zahlreichen Interviews von Jena Griffiths und Richard Unger in die deutsche Sprache übersetzen.
Die neue Audio-Serie startet im Februar mit der Themen-Reihe: Lebenszweck (Life Purpose).

Life Purpose Activation Series – now also in German Barbara Vassalli
Also available in German now is another of the interview series of Richard Unger by Jena Griffiths.
Two classes on the “39 steps” to living your purpose. Also called the Four Phases of Life Purpose Activation.
This series is important because it explains advanced handanalysis principles not published elsewhere.
This series was translated by Barbara Vassalli, a Master Hand Analyst based in Uster, Canton Zurich.
Contact Barbara or Monika to access the recordings and transcripts of both series.

The English original series is available here:

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