Next advanced hand analysis threading class with Richard Unger

A short cut to the top of the world of hands

The next Earth School online advanced hand analysis threading class with Richard Unger is later today.
The topic: composite whorls.
composite whorl on thumb
This is a class for both amateur and professional hand analysts wishing to take their hand analysis skills to a higher level of mastery.
It’s an excellent way to stay fluent, sharpen your skills and learn the finesse of threading.
– a skill that usually takes many years and several thousands of hands to master.
Think of this class as a short cut to the top.

We’ll be looking at 5 pairs of hands.
3 totally different pairs that only have one thing in common – a composite whorl on the left middle finger.
And 2 pairs of hands that have composite fingerprints on several fingers.

We’ll be threading the meaning of the composites to other markers found in each set of hands.
The pace is fast. We cover a lot of material.

Time: 11am Pacific 8pm Swiss/Central Europe. Elsewhere.
This will be a radio talk/slideshow with a reference document.
You can pre-submit questions before or during the call.
There’s a replay and reference document with all markers we discuss highlighted.

Register for this monthly class here.

Professional hand analysis is a scientific, non-predictive form of palm reading. If you have ever wondered how to read a palm, start with the foundational classes.

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