Palm Sunday during lockdown

© Yuliia Yurasova
It’s Palm Sunday today and with lockdown all around us, now is the perfect time to photograph your palms and fingerprints and ask all family members to do the same. Your parents and grand parents, siblings, cousins and children. Life happens and we never know how long we have. Let’s collect all our hand prints or palm photos for future generations. Think of each palm as a poem about the owner that can be interpreted in many different ways. It tells you a lot about your ancestors and habitual ways of thinking that may have got wired into you as a survival pattern.

This is a great opportunity to reach out to family members and ask them to record or share stories about themselves, things they have never told anyone else before. Don’t allow past events to be buried unhealed. Free future generations by ending grievances and disputes, sharing and digesting old grievances, fear or shame. Help each other digest whatever needs digesting now.

The current pandemic is helping us review old habits of being and perhaps even re-write the future for the generations that follow us.
There’s never been a better time than now to do this deep work for future generations.
Here are two free calls on digesting fear that I’ll be hosting.
And here are my further thoughts on this: Shaken Awake

Making fingerprints using your smartphone

1.Take a photograph of each hand in direct sunlight.

2. If the fingerprints are hard to see then rub a tiny bit of lipstick on the fingertips to accentuate the ridges.

3. Also take a close up of all four fingers held together with the fingerprints in focus.

4. Then photograph the thumbs separately.
(label these two photos accurately “right thumb” or “left thumb”)

5. Double check to make sure that all the fingerprints are in sharp focus.

6. Also make prints of your hands to record their shape.

– Use a photo scanner machine and lay your hand gently on the glass without pressing down
– Or use artist’s block or Lino ink or lipstick or boot polish.
– Apply the ink to your hand with a sponge or roller
– Press your hands onto paper.

7.Write your name and birth date on each hand print as well as the date the prints were made.

8. Store with all your other important family documents. Or scroll back a few posts for how to make prints using lipstick.

Image credit: Hand prints on a cave wall File ID 82785129 | © Yuliia Yurasova |

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