Re-dreaming your life: think like an airplane

Are you facing lots of resistance right now?

The trick is not to recognise resistance as blocking you but see it as helping you in some way.
How can you go around it? Or rise above it?

First see resistance for what it is.
The natural knee-jerk byproduct of action. Not a force outside of you.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

More about this?

Think like an airplane.

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The faster you go the more resistance you face. Then suddenly whoosh!
You’re airborne. On a totally different plane.

Without facing resistance you can’t get to a higher plane.
Trust that it’s helping you fly rather than holding you back.

Resistance is the soft underbelly of action. You can’t have one without the other.
First it feels like its stopping you. Then its the air under your wings.

As soon as you see resistance as a force outside of you, you’re in danger of stalling.

Whatever you resist (in thought, word or action) you give your life force to.

But what if your airplane is a lousy design?

You cannot afford to have that thought in take off.
You’ll never know unless you try 100%

If you hesitate half way down the runway you won’t make it.
You’ll crash at the end of the tarmac.
Or you’ll find yourself sitting in a rocker one day wondering “What if…”

So what to do?
First take the plane (or plan) you have right now. Point it into (not with!!) the wind and commit fully.

But what if it crashes?
Learn from it.
Be glad you can finally move on.

Look for a plane you admire that’s already flying
And copy it exactly.
(In other words, find a mentor and positive role model.)

The danger most people make is to look at 20 different models and try to put
all the bests bits of all 20 into one plane. Chances are you’ll have a fabulously strange contraption in the end.

Remember that old classic – Those incredible men and their flying machines?
Some rather crazy inventions got dreamt up.
This is what happens when people dont yet know what works and what doesn’t.

I’ll be putting a new plane in the sky starting September 23rd.
Circle this day in your diary (I originally said 28th but this has changed.)

Will you be on the ground watching or will you be up in the sky flying with me?

Fasten your seatbelts and remember
if you’re facing any resitance right now
it’s there to support you.

You create resistance whenever you take action
and if it’s not the wind under your wings it means only one thing:

You’re facing the wrong way!
You’ve got your tail into the wind not your nose.
(Waiting for God-knows-who to help??)

Turn around and face the resistance full on.
Love it for the opportunity it brings.

If you’d like to pre-book your seat on my new plane
Go here early bird.

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5 thoughts on “Re-dreaming your life: think like an airplane

  1. Michael Reply

    The way Jena Griffiths has has given a metaphor of airplane makes us simple to understand what resistance is actually.Resistance is any thought, belief or behavior–either conscious or unconscious–that stands contrary to our desire.The key to letting go of resistance is letting go of the expectation that you’re supposed to be anywhere other than where you already are, right now.

  2. kenny fletcher Reply

    Well put Jen
    It is so true that s many people actually try and take off “with the wind”, and that doesnt work!!
    Please keep me up dated

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Yes Kenny and think the wind is coming from a source outside of themselves.
      We tell oursleves a story and then we manifest the actors….

  3. Medusa Reply

    This is really an insightful post. Freud worked under the premise that natural resistance occurs within one self whenever there is change. Instead of running toward change, people walk away. Your airplane model example makes a lot of sense on how to face resistance.

  4. Vernice Reply

    I like what you have post in here and how you describe resistance as an airplane. If I am going to think of it yes this is only a trial that happens that needs to planned very well in order to be ready on the consequence that gonna be happen after because there is no turning back after you choose to pursue it. Thanks for writing this article!


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