Richard Moss on Healing the Inner Critic

I interviewed Richard Moss MD a few hours ago on how to embrace and heal the inner critic.

You can listen to this call here:

Richard is the author of Inside-Out Healing and several other books on spirtuality and conscious living.

Essential reading

On the call we discussed how women are often their own worst enemies.
We also discussed the difference between tame and untame feelings and how to use the mandala of being to let go of the stories we tell ourselves that cause us pain/distress and heartbreak.

You can access this call inside the free auditorium of Earth School here

Richard will be giving his next workshop on 16 April in Montreal Canada.
More info here and on his site.

2 thoughts on “Richard Moss on Healing the Inner Critic

  1. Good books Reply

    I can’t say I completely agree a props a few points, but you absolutely have a unique outlook. Anyhow, I like the word used in these lines…

    • Jenna Griffiths Post authorReply

      Well stay tuned Good Books because I plan to interview 2 more people on this topic. One a Jungian psychologist
      and another a survior. We covered a lot of interesting ground with both Richards but I would like to dive deeper on the subject of inner predator such as the exploration of Estes chapter on Bluebeard in Women who run with wolves….. and the role of positive inner male side in counteracting the inner predator.

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