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This morning, when I heard the news of Robin’s death, my whole body went into shock. It was as if I was feeling the sadness of everyone in the world who had already received this news. One can only trust that our loss is someone else’s gain. Hopefully his old friend Christopher Reeve is there to welcome him home.
As a way of processing the news, I posted up all the images I could find of Robin’s hands while reading about all the good he had done to help others find meaning as well as his own struggle with depression. I then put Robin’s hands into our class later in the day as the topic was related to depression. This post has been updated to include that material and comments thereafter.
Here is what I wrote to class participants:
I’m afraid, true to Persephone territory, we all got kidnapped by Hades today as the news about Robin Williams had just broken. As a result, we spent quite a bit of time discussing Robin’s right hand during in our advanced threading call with Richard Unger, instead of covering the hands we had planned for the call. (These were all Persephone and Line of Clairvoyance gift marker examples and both these markers have depression as a downside possibility.)
Here is the piece about Robin’s hands from the video replay of the class

We discussed Robin’s hand shape (Long pinkie/Mercury finger + big moon = the Storyteller or Herald archetype. We also discussed his Bohemian spread plus toppling Mercury finger and perhaps the most eye-catching marker on his hand: a very deep unusual “attack line” running through Apollo (reputation fears) and towards his Mercury finger (communication/relationships).
Clearly Robin William’s hands indicate that he felt isolated. We didn’t cover all the markers visible in his hands as we needed to get back to our topic for the day. What also struck both me and Richard while looking at Robin’s hand was the long join between headline and life line. We did not discuss this due to time constraints. (Interestingly, the only other famous person I know of who who had a longer join between headline and life line was Nelson Mandela. What an interesting and challenging marker for both these great souls to have in common!)
After the call, I asked one of our listeners, master hand analyst Pascal Stoessel, to also give his opinion on Robin’s hand.
I’ve added his comments here as I like his positive interpretation of the long headline join when combined with other markers.
Pascal said: “I’m still sad, I loved him so, so much and he did the most difficult job possible, to make people laugh!!
Well, besides long Mercury finger and big Moon (Storyteller) and Bohemian spread what Richard sure talked about I also notice the combination of a strong Mars with a very long head/lifeline connection and I think he has a Donna/Big heart heart line (not sure). With this combination in the positive light I say it’s an activist, “together we gonna save the world. Let’s put our hands together and help people no matter what” type. The Patriarch with the big heart who fights for human rights. When you bring that together with the Storyteller and Bohemian spread I think the role in the movie “Dead Poet’s Society” was perfect for him, and his role as Patch Adams as well.”

In the days that followed it came out that Robin was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. There has also been a lot of inappropriate speculation about his motive for ending his life. I feel that only a few people who were really close to Robin have the right to comment, if at all. The markers on one’s hand can be used to back virtually any opinion and, as students of hands, we should refrain from adding to the misinformation out there. Robin was a great soul. Let’s celebrate and honour him for all the joy and inspiration he brought into our world.

More images of Robin’s hand on google

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  1. yyq Reply

    it’s ‘robin’ williams the actor, not ‘robbie’ williams the singer; though both suffered from depression, the latter is still alive

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi thanks, I was using both Robin and Robbie but have amended the post to avoid confusion..

  2. Anne Reply

    Thank you for honoring Robin Williams and touching on the loss that we all are feeling. I so appreciate your posting this part of the teaching. I love listening to and learning from Richard.
    All the best,

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