The Art of Threading

by Richard Unger

There’s simply no better way to sharpen your eyeballs
and stay in shape as a hand analyst or take your
threading skills to the next level than by exploring real hands
with Richard. Especially when he explains in great detail what
he sees and how one hand marker impacts on another.

Also, it’s lots of fun.

Richard’s gentle humour and profound wisdom make it
a monthly meeting to look forward to.

Why should you be on these calls?

Theading markers together is a complex art,
and a vital skill on the path to mastery.

Who better to learn this from than Richard himself?

“I’ve spent years doing practical supervision with Richard
and I’m always amazed at how much I learn each time we
look at a new pair of hands. Now you too can have this
experience, for a fraction of the price.” Jenna Griffiths

These calls are designed for advanced and master hand analysts
all around the world, but beginners are welcome.

When do these calls take place?

These threading practice sessions take place every month,
in the week after the topic call.

They follow the same theme as the monthly topic, teaching you how to
combine the hand markers we discussed the week before with other markers
in the hand, in a way that serves and empowers the owner.

How can you join these classes?

Enrol for this call monthly (save $10 per month)

enrol for this call monthly along with the monthly topic calls in Earth School.
(save $21 a month on both calls or $41 on individual purchases)
see option 2


Purchase each advanced “threading workshop” individually
after the call has taken place

Each month you get:

  • a chance to ask questions live during the call.
  • the replay to download – so you can listen to these calls over and over
    and keep them as a reference guide to refer to whenever needed.
  • You also get 2 pdf documents of all the hand prints.
    One with each marker we discussed clearly highlighted
    and another without highlights so you can see the hand
    prints unmarked.
learn how to combine palm markers and fingerprints
You get hand prints with all markers highlighted.

What people are saying

hand analyst Switzerland
Master Hand Analyst
Pascal Stoessel

I’ve being reading hands for 16 years and teaching Richard’s system for
11 years. I subscribe to Jenna’s classes with him because each time at
least 20% is new material. It helps to maintain an exceptionally high
standard and I like to pass this on to my own students.
Richard has such a deep intuitive wisdom about hands and combined with
Jenna’s probing questions rich new material rises to the surface.
Thanks Jenna for making this series available. It’s a fantastic way for
us to access all the wisdom that Richard hasn’t yet written down.
– Pascal Stoessel, IIHA faculty teacher, Switzerland.

expert handanalyst Kay packard
Kay Packard
Founder AAHA
Jenna’s Earth School hosting Richard Unger is extremely educational,
reinforcing and fun. Richard’s wit makes the lectures entertaining
and therefore the information easy to recall. The topic lectures are
for the beginner and the advanced hand analyst. Even though I’ve heard many
of his teachings before I still walk away with several jewels that I can use
for myself, personally, and pass along to my students and clients.
The advanced threading calls are extremely useful. The documents
prepared by Richard and Jenna include clear hand prints and notes relating
to all of the markings discussed. I highly recommend both the lecture series
and the advanced threading calls to anyone.

I am grateful for nuggets of Richard’s 30+ years of experience
to be shared in the clearest and crispest way possible.
Thanks Jenna for making this series available.

Kay Packard, Founder and Director of the American Academy of Hand Analysis

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