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Advanced Hand Shape Archetypes Course
by Richard Unger

A new course by Richard Unger covering his latest work on decoding hand shape
– designed to help you fine-tune your skills in guiding people towards their right life.
This is a fast track course that will shave years if not decades off your learning curve, whether you’re a seasoned hand analyst or just starting out in your career. We’ll explore 16 Advanced Hand Shape Archetypes in depth over a two year period.

How many classes? How long are they?

There’ll be 16 classes per year, usually the second and third Tuesday of the month.
(There will be no calls during the holiday months: January, July, August and December.)
Each year 8 archetypes will be covered – one type per month (two ninety minute consecutive classes per archetype).

The live classes take place at 11am Pacific, 8pm Central Europe. But you don’t need to attend the live classes.
You can pre-submit questions for each class and then download the replay to listen to later.
Much of this material has never been taught before.

Richard says,

“One of the two biggest upgrades to my reading
skills in the last five years has been the increased use of hand
shape variables to narrow down life purpose and life lesson
options. My readings are so much more specific and my clients can
find themselves in my examples much more easily.
I would like to share this knowledge not just with my own students but also
with other hand readers from other schools.”

professional hand analysis course by Richard Unger
The Red Queen

Provisional topic order.

(The following dates are fixed but the order of archetypes discussed may change.)

1 Feb 21 and 28 – Master of my Domain

2 March 20 and 27 – Red Queen

3 April 17 and 24 – Hephaestus

4 May – 22 and 29 – Musician

5 June – 19 and 26 – Web designer

July – no calls

Aug – no calls

6 Sept – 18 and 25 – Actress

7 Oct – 23 and 30 – Doctor/Lawyer/Guide

8 Nov – 20 and 27 – Sherlock

Dec – no calls

Jan – no calls

9 Feb – 19 and 26 – Man/Woman of Action

10 March – 19 and 26 – Big Ideas

11 April – 16 and 23 – Forest Ranger

12 May – 21 and 28 – Professor

13 June – 18 and 25 – Artisan

July – no calls

August – no calls

14 Sept – 17 and 24 – Ballet Teacher

15 Oct – 22 29 – Hot Ideas

16 Nov – 19 and 26 – Inner Inquiry


Advanced Hand Shapes Only:
16 Archetypes: 32 weekly calls spread over 2 years)

$2328 $1497 Early Bird Price

Other payment options
Three month paxment option

3 x $ 533
(Pay over 3 months)

Six Month Payment Option
6 x $ 297
(Pay over 6 months.)

Pay monthly – $97 per month for 24 months (please note: you will be
billed monthly including the holiday months when there are no calls.)

Best Price: Early Bird

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Tuesdays with Richard

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This weekly series includes:
All Topic Calls in 2012 (12 calls)
All Advanced Threading Calls in 2012 (12 calls)
plus the entire Advanced Hand Shape Course (32 classes over 2 years)
$2999 $1999 (save $1000)

This Early Bird offer is valid until 8 January 2012.
Pay monthly
$153 $125 per month – for all calls with Richard every month. (Save $28 per month)

Looking forward to having you with us in this growing community

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