3 Day Professional Hand Analysis Course Switzerland
with Master Hand Analyst Jena Griffiths

Professional Hand Analysis 3 day IIHA Intensive Course
Come learn how to read life purpose from fingerprints and help change lives for the better.

21 hours in person with Jena Griffiths, Certified Master Hand Analyst and IIHA Faculty Teacher
Plus 6 additional hours of follow up group supervision via webcast to check your work, answer prints queries and assist your progress.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Read life purpose from fingerprints with confidence
Identify personality types, motivational needs and communication styles
Help people see their higher potential, depth and beauty.

The course includes two International Institute of Hand Analysis manuals plus cutting edge additional material from Jena.
Fast Track Slide Shows train your eyes to quickly see what normally takes years.
Learn from a certified Master Hand Analyst and IIHA faculty teacher.

Day 1

We will explore:
Hand shape and personality. We will start with the thumb and how it relates to will power and manifestation.
We will look at thumb types such as The bully, the know it all, the exec secretary, the CEO and the team player.
We will look at how the chakras show up in your hands; how to see if yours are weak or if you have special talents
in one of these regions.
Finally we will explore an introduction to hand shape types and how this relates to personality.
We will use a rapid slide technique to train your eyes to recognise personality archetypes in a fraction of the usual time.

Day 2

Day two will be devoted to fingerprints and soul psychology. We will explore life purpose, life lesson and the 4 schools.
We will also look at the 4 phases of life purpose activation and how you can use your fingerprints to improve relationships
for more conscious and authentic partnering.

Day 3

Day three we will look at the major line formations, particularly heart lines. You will learn what type you are and
what this means about your basic needs, your gift to others and your communication style. We will then practice
combining various personality markers and relating them back to the person’s purpose and life journey.

After the 3 day there will be six additional hours of group supervision webinars with Jena where you may
submit all your hand print queries during the weeks and months following the course.
You will also have permanent online access to Jena’s foundation courses.


Richard UngerJena really knows her stuff. Having worked with her on the Earth School
interviews for six years, I have been continuously
impressed with Jena’s super-accurate knowledge of the extensive data base
on lines, fingerprints and hand shapes. More impressive, her practiced eye
on hand shape pattern recognition, including rarely seen hand types, is
exemplary. To learn hands from Jena is to learn from an expert.

Richard Unger
Director, IIHA

Feedback from course participants

I felt stunned for a week after your training. All the work I had done and here it was in my fingertips all along! (The treasure and gift is not far away… or as it is said hide the treasure within the person they will never think to look there) But the good thing is how I know how right it is. At my age, having done what I have done it verifies my life experience, meditations, drawings and other process work.
So thank you Jena for opening my eyes to this gift within us all. Heartfelt wishes, – Carol, counselor, Queensland Australia

It was such a pleasure to do the course with you Jena. It has taken my readings to a much higher level. The recognition from clients about the schools is amazing, as was my own school identity. The insight into our life by looking at the fingerprints is amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this wonderful information to Australia. – Jo Hayden, Australia

Benjamin Pinardi“If you want to discover more about yourself, help others discover themselves and increase your understanding of the life you are living then this is the course for you”
– Benjamin Pinardi

“Jena brings a wealth of knowledge and insight when she teaches hand analysis, at times going beyond the course outline. Her questioning mind and the inclusion of her own personal experiences add depth and colour to the teaching process. This brings it alive, making it easier to remember and relate to the wide scope of information that makes up the programme.

During the training Jena allows each person the freedom to participate and to bring their own personality to the group, further adding to the richness of the experience. Her sincerity and belief in the process of hand reading as an important tool for self growth, as well as one that provides the opportunity to be of service to others, shines through. Also, because of her very close working relationship with Richard Unger, founder of the techniques that she teaches, she brings an added layer of up to the minute know how to the course.

Look forward to an inspiring adventure as Jena opens the door to an incredible space!”

– Margot Finberg

Breakthrough training with Jena Griffiths

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Learn a lifelong skill to quickly change lives for the better

“Precious information. Different details and solutions so useful to use with my clients.
You are a gifted and sensitive and humble teacher.
So thank you so much. So very grateful to you.”

“You are very explicit and give more than expected.”

“What you get in this course is a complete and profound comprehension
of the fingerprints in all its functions and complexities.
And after that you still get more. Jena is a warm, giving and sensitive
person and her teaching is very thorough and explicit and is full of
wisdom when giving Tools to work with.”
– Suzanne Grenier

About Jena Griffiths

Jena Griffiths is a BA BSc hons graduate from the University of Cape Town. (Psychology) Post grad degrees and PCE. She’s a certified Master Hand Analyst and IIHA Master teacher with nearly two decades of experience in this system.

‘Come learn hands with me, and help change lives for the better.’
Jena Griffiths

Empowering yourself and others through the language of hands

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