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How can you contribute to a world spirituality?

I listened to last night between co- founders of the Center for World Spirituality, Dr. Marc Gafni, Mariana Caplan author of Eyes Wide Open¬† and Terry Patten of www.integralpractice.com “On stringing together a world spirituality”.

I’m posting here my summary notes from the call.¬† Basically what I see is an awakening to the African concept of “Ubuntu” (a human is only a human because of other humans). I’ll explain what this has to do with your hands and more specifically your fingerprints at the end of the post.
(It was 4am in the morning here so forgive me if there are massive gaps in the info. zzzzzz ; )

Here’s a brief summary of what was said on the call:

1. Every tradition has its own wisdom.
If we string these pearls together, could we get something beyond this?

2. What’s the next step? Might it be true that this generation is the first where the stringing together of this
string of pearls is possible?
As never before, it is now possible to come directly into contact with the living expression of the tradition (text) and with living masters (teachers) of each tradition.

3. This is an urgent invitation to everyone to participate. Its more necessary than ever before.
Classical religion, thru various challenges, has lost its power to form a home for 10s of millions of people.
Secularization of society occurs when millions of people are unable to find their home in their native traditions. The result is they are left without oars to steer the lifeboat to shore.

We now need a world spirituality that transends native tradition.

4. transend = end the trance that religions traditionally held over their followers.
Virtually every great tradition before felt That its way was the only way. It was exclusive. We now need to move beyond this. The idea that one way is the only way to get there is known as “the scandal of particularity” and is a violation of the essential oneness of spirit.

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