How can you contribute to a world spirituality?

I listened to last night between co- founders of the Center for World Spirituality, Dr. Marc Gafni, Mariana Caplan author of Eyes Wide Open  and Terry Patten of “On stringing together a world spirituality”.

I’m posting here my summary notes from the call.  Basically what I see is an awakening to the African concept of “Ubuntu” (a human is only a human because of other humans). I’ll explain what this has to do with your hands and more specifically your fingerprints at the end of the post.
(It was 4am in the morning here so forgive me if there are massive gaps in the info. zzzzzz ; )

Here’s a brief summary of what was said on the call:

1. Every tradition has its own wisdom.
If we string these pearls together, could we get something beyond this?

2. What’s the next step? Might it be true that this generation is the first where the stringing together of this
string of pearls is possible?
As never before, it is now possible to come directly into contact with the living expression of the tradition (text) and with living masters (teachers) of each tradition.

3. This is an urgent invitation to everyone to participate. Its more necessary than ever before.
Classical religion, thru various challenges, has lost its power to form a home for 10s of millions of people.
Secularization of society occurs when millions of people are unable to find their home in their native traditions. The result is they are left without oars to steer the lifeboat to shore.

We now need a world spirituality that transends native tradition.

4. transend = end the trance that religions traditionally held over their followers.
Virtually every great tradition before felt That its way was the only way. It was exclusive. We now need to move beyond this. The idea that one way is the only way to get there is known as “the scandal of particularity” and is a violation of the essential oneness of spirit.

The Center for World Spirituality invites you to explore this possibility with great thinkers of our era from all


Bring obligation back into your life.
Obligation is created when there is an authentic need
I recognise this need
I recognise that I am ony one who can fulfil it

The world needs our goodness.
We need to shift from doing what I choose, to doing what I must do.
This requires an awakening of the heart.

If you move beyond egocentric and ethnocentric obligation
you realise the world needs you.

It’s time to:
wake up into the “we am”
live into the revelation
live as if it were true.
To help form a divinity that is only love
This is an individual and a group commitment
in communion of doing a good thing.

Spirit is on the move
This is an invitation to you to
do the little things that need to be done.

What can you do?
realise there is something empty about living for our own pleasure
Its empty not to have that obligation.
an expanding of the circle of caring
and expanding of the definition of “your people”.

You are living not only for yourself but also for the sake of the whole.
If you open your heart it effects the whole.

My comments on this call:

The concept of broader “family of humanity” and social obligation to one’s family is Africa’s gift to world
philosophy and is called “Ubuntu”. The shadow side of “Ubuntu” is codependency. ( I once wrote an amusing story about this related to my own family and growing up in Africa. I wrote the story about my father because I was trying to understand his life through his fingerprints. This was posted on gaia/ which was shut down 1 may 2010. I will re-post all my important work, previously on gaia as articles. )

What has this to do with your hands?
I have 2 comments to make here. One general and one specifc.

1. General: Your fingerprints show exactly what your work is for “the larger humanity” because they show you exactly how to transcend your ego. What pushes your buttons and how to manage your emotions around this topic.

This was figured out by Richard Unger over 30 years ago but the world wasn’t ready to hear his message.
Richard Unger calls this work your  “exalted life lesson”.
I prefer to call this your “sacred work” because it gives you specific instructions how to transcend your particular ego and how you are doing this not just for yourself but also for humanity in general.

Unfortunately this part of Richard Unger’s work was left out of his book ‘LifePrints’. Probably because he didn’t want to muddy the water. His student Ronelle Coburn author of “Destiny at your fingertips” also unfortunately leaves it out of her book. So does another very famous student of Richard’s called Baeth Davis. Baeth has done a lot to popularise Unger’s work online through the use of teleclasses and clever affiliate marketing. Baeth targets healers trying to get their businesses running or people hoping to make money online.

I talk differently to people about the same topic because more and more people are moving beyond the ego or are in the second half of life when one is trying to dismantle the ego rather than build it up.

2. A specific comment related to Ubuntu: There is a soul group, to which both my father and I belong, that Unger calls “school of Service.” These people already serve the greater good but to the point of doing so at their own expense. It is their task in life to learn to put the oxygen mask on themselves first before trying to help the entire aeroplane. find balance in service. Telling these people to shoulder the burden of obligation may not be in their best unless they understand that their obligation is to become conscious/not lose energy when they catch themselves over-serving.

Knowing what your fingerprints say is the quickest way to:
– transcend the ego
– manage your emotions and therefore your vibrational state
– use a relationship as a sacred partnership for spiritual growth

This affectes the collective. This is why this work is your “sacred work” and not “life lesson”.
You are not born flawed, with karmic wounds. Rather you have taken on a responsibility for the collective whole to evolve around certain themes. These themes are visible in your fingerprints.

For more information on how to work in this way with fingerprints, take the rss feed here or on twitter. I will put out a report in the near future. Or simply have ink sheets sent to you so your hands can be analysed.

5 thoughts on “How can you contribute to a world spirituality?

  1. Mary Reply

    Hi Jena, found your summary of the call inspiring…love the idea of stinging the perals of wisdom from each tradition for the human family…I also relate to the idea of service and putting the mask on yourself first …thanks…am interested in learning more about hand reading I had no idea it was so scientific…… your blog ….I’m learning…Nice to connect with you

  2. Mariane Reply

    I really agree that ” a human will become a human because of another human. You are living not only for yourself but also for the sake of the whole , for the sake of others. If you open your heart it effects the whole that surrounds you. That is really true.


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