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Life on a rollercoaster – living with composite fingerprints

Do you feel like your life is a neverending rollercoaster ride?
One moment high the next you’re plummeting into the pits?

on off success
For the next few weeks in Earth School the focus is on composite fingerprints.
What are these?
What do they look like?
What do they mean?
How can knowing about them help you?
What to do if you have a whole handful of composites?

On May 26th 2011 I’ll be interviewing Richard Unger again, author of LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints– on this topic.
During the second half of the call we’ll focus on 4 “show stopper” composites:

– Composites in the palm (moon)

– Composites on the left hand middle finger

– Composites on left ring finger

– Composites on the left pinkie

If you have a composite prints in your hands or fingerprints its time to listen in.

Join us for this call

What does a composite look like?
There are lots of different types and we’ll be exploring many¬† on this blog in the coming weeks.
The most common type is the composite whorl.
This looks a bit like a yin yang symbol or an “S”.

double loop

Composite whorl on the thumb


Image via Wikipedia

Some schools of hand reading call this a double loop.