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Are you getting enough applause?

Maybe it’s not you at all – but just someone you happen to know 😉

who seems to really need or crave applause.

But then, what if you’ve really helped the world and no-one seems to have noticed?

If so, push this button and get your reward.

Or push it for instant therapy, even if you’re not sure you really do deserve it. 🙂

Soak it in. Let the feeling sink in to your bones. The pleasure of being fully seen and acknowledged.

It’s food for every fibre of your being.

Is this a bad thing?

Not necessarily.

Some people are built for the limelight or to be constantly in the public’s eye.

Maybe its your destiny to capture the imagination of your entire generation?

Or perhaps it’s simply that you’ve worked day and night, year in year out, without recognition.

If so, go back and press play again. Don’t stop the recording. Let it run as long as it feels good.

Whatever the case, there’s a part of you that craves been seen and acknowledged.

And, particularly if you have a high set Apollo finger, getting applause may be more important than you realize. Look at the image below. The sets mark where Continue reading