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Can you use EFT on hand analysis, palmistry and palm reading markers?

I’m really excited about the results I’ve been getting using EFT on hand analysis, palmistry and palm reading markers.

My main area of interest with this technique is to use it to work with Life purpose and life lesson themes that show up in your fingerprints.
(Hence, the 30 Day life Purpose Challenge. See details below.

See tapping points below too.  Plus full instructions how to do this.)

After using this combined technique myself for the first time on resurrection day I suddenly became very clear and focused on my purpose. Everything I need to live this has been flowing into my life ever since. (You can read what I wrote on Resurrection day in facebook or gaia Just a bit of fun really but a pure expression of who and why I am).

I’d like to share this technique with you and with as many other people I can reach.

Everything you need to do this is freely available right now. If it isn’t, it will be, and accessible right here on this site within the next 30 days.

You can learn EFT for free all over the internet and I’ll be teaching you here, how to read your life lesson and life purpose from your fingerprints for Continue reading