Can you use EFT on hand analysis, palmistry and palm reading markers?

I’m really excited about the results I’ve been getting using EFT on hand analysis, palmistry and palm reading markers.

My main area of interest with this technique is to use it to work with Life purpose and life lesson themes that show up in your fingerprints.
(Hence, the 30 Day life Purpose Challenge. See details below.

See tapping points below too.  Plus full instructions how to do this.)

After using this combined technique myself for the first time on resurrection day I suddenly became very clear and focused on my purpose. Everything I need to live this has been flowing into my life ever since. (You can read what I wrote on Resurrection day in facebook or gaia Just a bit of fun really but a pure expression of who and why I am).

I’d like to share this technique with you and with as many other people I can reach.

Everything you need to do this is freely available right now. If it isn’t, it will be, and accessible right here on this site within the next 30 days.

You can learn EFT for free all over the internet and I’ll be teaching you here, how to read your life lesson and life purpose from your fingerprints for free too. I’m also posting all my hand analysis classes from last year up for free too. Why? So that this information is accessible to everyone, not just an exclusive few.

The classes I am posting are worth several thousand dollars. They combine the best, most cutting edge info from Richard Unger, with the best of Baeth Davis (one of Richard’s students).

Some of the information I’m posting from Richard is so cutting edge that Baeth Davis doesn’t even know about it.
And a lot of the info from Baeth, Richard hasn’t yet heard of.

Why not?
Their course are both expensive. They haven’t time to do each others.

Richard’s speciality is what each hand marker means.
Baeth’s speciality is what to do with these markers.
My speciality is cross-pollination. Sharing this information as quickly as possible with as many people as possible so that a radical shift can take place en masse.

Here’s how to use EFT on whatever’s blocking you.
You can use it very effectively on your “master switch”. What Richard Unger calls your “life lesson”. What the East calls your “karma” or the West your “DNA” or “family baggage”. What the Greeks called your “Archilles’ heel”. What baeth Davis calls your “blind spot”. That recurring issue that keeps tripping you up.

I call this “your puddle”. If you’ve watched the movie Groundhog day you’ll understand why. Otherwise you can find out by listening to replays of the Feb call my members zone or just hang about here till I post something.

If you don’t know what your life lesson is yet, practice on your inner critic. Here’s how.

1. First tap on the karate chop part of your hand. Either right or left. It’s not important which. This part of the hand is the outer edge of an area that accesses a deep, subconscious part of who you are.

It’s as if you are waking the sleeping giant within when you tap on this part of your hand.

So, you tap on the karate chop (see illustration below) and while you are doing this say “Even though I feel hopeless and silly, and I can’t do this, and it’s no use trying anyway…(etc etc) I still deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

You can change the words in the middle to whatever’s blocking you. (Your life lesson if you have already had IIHA style hand analysis.)

Then tap on the other 8 points on your body. The order, or which side of your body, you use is not important.

Unless you really know what you are doing, only use the negative phrase that you are trying to release while tapping on these other 8 points. This is called “tapping the crap”. It’s like flushing the loo and with it all your negative thoughts.

I think what happens is when you tap on the “moon” part of your hand, you wake up the sleeping giant within, including an inner rebel.

This then sets in a kind of reverse psychology. (Victor frankel spoke about this once to cure insomnia: get up and so something you really hate doing, then the next night you’ll sleep though. You don’t have to anymore, thanks to EFT!)

It’s as if your inner rebel, or inner giant wakes up and as you are tapping all the negative thoughts, he or she says “Damn you! That’s not true! You can do anything. Don’t you know? You’re god. Who are you to play small? I’ll show you!” And next thing, whamo, whatever ou were tapping before is no longer a problem.

It must be noted that this doesn’t alwways work immediately on everyone.

Why not?
A lot of people have a vested interest in staying stuck. These are deep unconscious fears. If this is you, I recommend you work with an EFT specialist on this. You can do this over the phone or skype by calling someone you know or trust.

I know Tomar Levine of can help you. (Tomar is a New York life coach) So can Jennifer Davidson of (Jennifer is an EFT practitoner based in Zürich, Switzerland.) If you live in Aarau, Switzerland, look up Laurene Schärer in your local phone book. I’m sure there are many many others in your area. I recommend these three because all are familiar with my work.

Here are the tapping points to use.
On each 8 point release a negative thought in your mind.
eg. say “I can’t” or “She won’t make me!”
or “I’m pathetic” or ……. whatever.

Bring out all your dirty linen. And flush it out right now.
You can do this. And it’s effective!
It works!

Here’s my 30 day challenge to you.
Lighten up. Come join the life purpose challenge right away.

And if you’re brave enough, why not post a video on youtube of yourself tapping on whatever’s blocking you?

Every week, starting next Friday, I’m awarding a free hand analysis session worth $250 to the most genuine, totally amateurish attempt.

Use these EFT tapping points
Use these EFT tapping points
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    What an excellent blog you have here! In my mission to start my own writing blog this has given me real inspiration!thanks for that inspiration.

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    I really enjoy your work and would love to learn more.
    I have inquired IIHA courses and it will take me a while to save up. I was wondering if you could help me find good books to read in the mean time. I have the book lifeprints and find it really interesting. I am reading your blog and find it really helpful


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