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What’s your purpose from a larger perspective?

I had an interesting conversation a few days ago with two deeply thoughtful podcasters from New York, Jeremiah Glazer and Celine Foster on the podcast “As woo woo as you want”.
How hands fit into the grander scheme of things.

What hand analysis is, and the many ways it reveals the poetry of our lives.

Fingerprints as a tool for being more embodied… life purpose, life lesson and how this relates to frequency, consciousness raising, embodiment and how knowing what your fingerprints say about your purpose helps to heal the fragile eco system that we are part of.

Listen to this Interview on SoundCloud

It’s one interview. About an hour long. Also available on the following platforms:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0gxEi0EFNEYN1wnSXEjL5f?si=8-QzjwOHSae0utu_LQ37HA
Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/as-woo-woo-as-you-want/id1457111855?i=1000506640379

Or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKg1dAhFpQw/

Fingerprints as a tool for being more embodied… life purpose, life lesson and how this relates to frequency, consciousness raising, embodiment and how this helps to heal the fragile eco system that we are part of.

Comment from a friend sums it up:
“Lovely to hear you converse in depth on the connectivity of palmistry and the sculpture of personality models, life journeys & patterns, spiritual healing, destiny & its new doors, universal truths, etc.”

Would love to hear your thoughts, comments or personal feedback.

The art of hand analysis

spirit vs matter in art

Kandindky Composition VII (spirit vs matter in art)

Recently I went to see Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc’s Blaue Ritter (Blue Rider) exhibition at the the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland. Kandisky’s power to arouse emotion through abstract art has always fascinated me. This picture alongside, Composition VII, fills me with so much emotion when I look at it, that I start wondering if it is just me that is affected in this way or if it has the same effect on others? A little further along in the exhibition, I came across a quote that sheds light on Kandinsky’s intention with the shift more and more towards pure abstraction. “It is not form (matter) that is most important but content (spirit).” Continue reading

Understanding Fingerprints

understanding fingerprintsThere are lots of different hypotheses about what fingerprints could mean. And lots of different interpretations of these different theories too.
Some medical researchers relate the differences in pattern to chemical conditions in the womb. However, identical twins, with identical DNA, who experienced identical womb chemistry, surprisingly do NOT have identical fingerprints.
Prior to Richard Unger, nearly all palmistry interpretations of fingerprints based their work on Noel Jaquin’s work which correlates types of fingerprints with personality characteristics. The exception is Richard Unger’s LifePrints system which proposes a pattern linked to who we are beyond personality, in other words, our soul psychology.
In this article it is not my intention to compare different systems. It is an attempt to end misconceptions about what LifePrints is exploring and why so many people find it useful on so many different levels.

Fingerprints start forming once the volar pads that contain them are formed, 13 weeks after conception. They are completely formed by 21 weeks.
How can they inform us?
It helps to think of fingerprints as patterns in nature. Just as wind leaves a pattern in sand, and we can study the sand patterns to determine, for example, which direction the wind blew from and how hard, so too our fingerprints are evidence of an energetic force beyond and preceding our body, personality and life experiences. Continue reading

Do you have a moon loop?

Nearly 25 % of hands have a loop in the moon.
What’s this?
A type of “fingerprint” pattern in the lower outer area of the palm, away from the thumb side of the hand.
This part of your palm is called the “moon”.
(If you try to touch your hand with your thumb you’ll see that this is the one part of your hand your thumb can’t reach.)
LifePrints palm marker, what is a moon loop
What does this marker mean?
This depends on what other fingerprint patterns you have, or whether you have other dermatoglyphic patterns elsewhere on your palm. It also depends on what this marker looks like. Does it dominate the palm?
According to Richard Unger, author of LifePrints, decoding your life purpose from your fingerprints, a moon whorl or a moon peacock means “spiritual teacher” but this doesn’t always apply to a moon loop. The interpretation of a moon loop depends on several other factors. For example, whether or not there are whorls or peacocks on other fingers.
I decided to clear this up for fellow hand analysts once and for all by asking Richard Unger his opinion during our advanced threading class last Tuesday.
When should one include a moon loop as part of the purpose and when not?
Here is a recording of our discussion:

This snippet is only a few minutes long but I’m sure you’ll find it really useful if you have a moon loop or if you are a hand analyst. A close up of the hand we were discussing during this conversation is above.
Often there is far more significant information in the fingerprints which you can then combine with personality markers to get a more accurate assessment of a person’s purpose.
For example, in the hand print above, there is an inspirational talent line. (Curved line just below ring finger). Combine that with the whorl on the Apollo finger (the artist/individualist)…
If you would like to see what a full moon whorl looks like Continue reading

How depression shows up in hands

Next Thursday, I’ll be discussing how depression shows up in your hands with world authority on hand analysis, Richard Unger.

Here are some of the markers related to depression that we’ll be discussing.
We’ll also be learning how to apply this to your own life using Richard’s Lifeprints system.
The key to managing your thoughts and emotions (and therefore your life) are in your fingerprints.

Persephone gift marker

curved head line, how to read a palm, palmistry, palm reading marker

Is Ascension possible?

depression palmistry marker, palm reading, how to read a palm.

Abyss line
hand analysis marker, palmistry depression marker, palm reading, how to read a palm
If you have any of these markers in your hands, this call, and all the free calls on depression, I’ll be doing this month will help you enormously. You can sign in for these calls here.

On Thursday’s call we’ll be discussing melancholy, sadness, depression, hopelessness and ascension, personal transformation, abyss lines, the Persephone gift marker, Star of tears, Jacob’s Ladder,  Saturn attack lines, several archetypes, gift markings and a lot more.

We’ll also be relating all this back to your fingerprints and what to do.

I also interviewed several experts from other fields who have solutions to depression, such as transformational breath work and several other modalities.