How depression shows up in hands

Next Thursday, I’ll be discussing how depression shows up in your hands with world authority on hand analysis, Richard Unger.

Here are some of the markers related to depression that we’ll be discussing.
We’ll also be learning how to apply this to your own life using Richard’s Lifeprints system.
The key to managing your thoughts and emotions (and therefore your life) are in your fingerprints.

Persephone gift marker
curved head line, how to read a palm, palmistry, palm reading marker

Is Ascension possible?
depression palmistry marker, palm reading, how to read a palm.

Abyss line
hand analysis marker, palmistry depression marker, palm reading, how to read a palm
If you have any of these markers in your hands, this call, and all the free calls on depression, I’ll be doing this month will help you enormously. You can sign in for these calls here.

On Thursday’s call we’ll be discussing melancholy, sadness, depression, hopelessness and ascension, personal transformation, abyss lines, the Persephone gift marker, Star of tears, Jacob’s Ladder,  Saturn attack lines, several archetypes, gift markings and a lot more.

We’ll also be relating all this back to your fingerprints and what to do.

I also interviewed several experts from other fields who have solutions to depression, such as transformational breath work and several other modalities.

4 thoughts on “How depression shows up in hands

  1. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Hi Jena, which is the depression line in the 3rd image?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Kiran

      I’ve just loaded up some clearer images for you. It looks like a semi circle on outer edge, almost like a bite mark shape

  2. Conrad Reply

    You definitely put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written approximately for years. Great stuff, simply nice!

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