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Do you fear radical transformation?

Here’s a marker that indicates serious backpedaling. It’s called a Pluto Diamond. Diamond formations indicate frozen or blocked energy and their location on the hand tells you exactly where the blockage is. This area of the hand, the outer edge of the palm below the heart line, is called the Pluto zone, and is all about radical transformation. Potential destruction and resurrection. Think the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.
You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. You can’t have a beautiful flower until the bud bursts and the shell is discarded.
Reminds me of Hermann Hesse, “The bird is coming out of the egg, the egg is the world. Whoever wants to be reborn must first destroy a world”
and my favourite Salvador Dali painting when I was a teenager.

Fearing change and, perhaps subconsciously, trying to hold your self back from radical transformation is what causes the marker below. Continue reading

Next call with Richard Unger. At the crossroads – a life in transition

Earth School Topic April 2011

how to read a palm for direction

The next Earth School call with Richard Unger is this coming Thursday.
This time we’re exploring being at the crossroads – a place all of us go through at some point in our lives.

Richard will be sharing his advice on what to do during this phase, the importance of self awareness and how the information in your hands can help you over this period.

If you’d like to know Richard’s thoughts on the fate line don’t miss this call.

We’ll be looking at the fate line (also called the career line or the Saturn line) in great detail.
Richard will share his thinking about various markers on this line after 40 years of pondering this topic.

Some of the markers we’ll be looking at in detail:
Fate Line jag a centimeter below the Head Line (Saturn Return issues),
Fate Line stops at Head Line,
Fate Line Void,
Delayed Saturn Return at age 42 (Uranus Conjunct),
The Questor,
Saturn / Apollo Switcheroo,
Second Saturn Return,
Third Saturn Return,
John Wayne Mate Selector,
Life Line Problems,
Pluto Diamond.

Hand Shape Indicator:
Short Saturn Finger

Date: April 21, 2011
Time: 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern, 8pm Switzerland, Central Europe and South Africa, 7pm UK.
Topic: At the crosroads – a life in transition.

Join us monthly for this fascinating series.

More info, what people are saying and how to enroll go here. Continue reading