Do you fear radical transformation?

Here’s a marker that indicates serious backpedaling. It’s called a Pluto Diamond. Diamond formations indicate frozen or blocked energy and their location on the hand tells you exactly where the blockage is. This area of the hand, the outer edge of the palm below the heart line, is called the Pluto zone, and is all about radical transformation. Potential destruction and resurrection. Think the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.
You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. You can’t have a beautiful flower until the bud bursts and the shell is discarded.
Reminds me of Hermann Hesse, “The bird is coming out of the egg, the egg is the world. Whoever wants to be reborn must first destroy a world”
and my favourite Salvador Dali painting when I was a teenager.

Fearing change and, perhaps subconsciously, trying to hold your self back from radical transformation is what causes the marker below.

In fact if you look closely you’ll see that this hand even has two Pluto diamonds. Another directly south of the one marked here.
This indicates a really serious case of fearing or not wanting to change.
What to do?
Look for gift markers that the person may not be using. In the hand above there’s a beautiful line of clairvoyance curving around the frozen diamonds. This gives a clue to what the person could dive into.
Another thing you could do is start tapping on this zone right away using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).
In a recent Earth School interview with Kay Packard we explored how EFT can be used together with hand analysis to help people shift away from fear, anxiety and other limiting emotions standing in the way of their life purpose.
I find it interesting that the first place on taps on during EFT is the “Karate Chop point” which is exactly this zone of radical transformation.
It’s almost like we awaken the inner giant when we tap here. We activate the part of us that is ready to go the distance. The butterfly in every caterpillar’s wildest fantasy. You can still listen to the replay of this free call here. If you search a bit on this site you’ll find videos from 2009 of me and mastermind members tapping on Life Lessons. I came to the conclusion then that this technique was so powerful it was nearly too fast for most people. During the call with Kay we discuss this and what to do.

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