Thanking the elements – with a little help from your hands

The elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water are used a lot in hand analysis to understand temperament and the make up of our personality components. For example, our hand shape is made up of one or more elemental types, so too our heart lines or our finger tips.
Here’s a great way to work more deeply with the elements, honoring your strengths using a powerful meditation – Tom Kenyon’s “Chant of the Elements” El Ka Leem Om from his Ascension Codes album.
Kenyon says that the four elements are conscious and you can commune with them through emotions such as gratitude.

In Hathor language:
El = Earth
Ka = fire
Leem = water
Om = air/space

In this recording, Kenyon’s chant repeats the Hathor words for earth, fire, water, air again and again over an 11 minute period.
He says each round one thanks or feels appreciation to either the outer or inner element of the element earth, then fire, then water , then air.
For example, first round: thank the land, then the sun, then rivers/rain/clouds, then wind.
Second round: thank your bones (earth), then the spark of life in you (fire), then your blood (water), then your lungs or the space inside you (air).
Round 3: thank the land, sun, clouds, wind.
Round 4 back to the elements inside your body, and so on, backwards and forwards between inner and outer.

Why not deepen this work by adding a third alternative: how each of the elements show up in your hands and personality.
So, for example, I thank Air for being present in my hand shape; I thank Fire for being in me through heart line type; I thank water for being present in my curvy emotional head line; and I thank Earth for being present in my long clear lifeline.
Then go back to feeling appreciation for the outer elements: land, sun, sea, wind.
Then back to these elements in your physical body,
then back to them in your personality – as expressed in your hands.

Give it a go. Let me know how it works for you, with or without Kenyon’s recording.
You can listen to an excerpt of the recording here:

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