The 39 steps – from big gaping hole to living on purpose

On Tuesday, March 6, 2012, is our next topic call with Richard Unger.
We’ll be discussing how to go from the big gaping hole to living on purpose.
Specifically Richard’s 39 step process.
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What will we cover?

We’ll be looking at how to recognise when you’re in the big gaping hole
and what to do about it.
Why this looks different for each person.
What this looks like for you.
What’s your personal way out of the big gaping hole.
We’ll discuss Richard’s 39 step process in detail.
How to work with an advanced understanding of the life purpose developmental phases:
for deeper reflection, soul tracking, life purpose support and life purpose fulfillment.
We’ll be covering material that has never been published before.

This is an Earth School Inner Circle call.
Your questions are welcome and will enrich the call for others.
You will receive a supporting document from Richard on this topic when you sign in.
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