The Ascended Attitude of Acceptance

Last week I invited my ex to dinner and he arrived 40 minutes late. I was tempted to scalp him 😉 but held back. It was after all our son’s birthday.

Then he proceeded to involve me in a half hour discussion about theater tickets and who they should take with them when clearly I hadn’t been invited to go along.
I felt the tornado inside starting to twist and lift and tried to stand next to it rather than directly in its path.

These are just his and my fingerprint patterns colliding I thought. I’m not going to take the bait this time.

Huh? What do I mean?

This is a lens I find really useful. Understanding our lives and our “stuff” through fingerprint patterns.
(The LifePrints system.)

Explain more?
His pattern (according to his fingerprints) is power vs powerlessness in relationships
My pattern is Ms Not Enough (the voice of insufficiency).
The stage is set. I know he is in my life to trigger my stuff. And vice versa.
A good opportunity to do some advanced work on self development. Apply the AAA strategy.
Attempt an Ascended Attitude of Acceptance.
It’s a lofty ideal. The objective that what we are doing here is learning to manage our emotional bodies and look – here are the trip lines.
All you have to do is step over them.

He is who he is. An amazing person but in my life for one good reason.
What’s that?
He can trigger my stuff like no-one else.
I watch myself on the cliff edge. Tempted to fly into a rage. But no! I’m going to choose non reaction. Calmness instead of getting myself all wound up.

The AAA trophy floats in front of my eyes. Just above his head.
I smile but forget to breathe.
Can’t resist a dig or two to make him feel like pooh.
How about I keep my calm but wind him up a bit. Spin his top like he deserves?
It’s such fun I don’t see the invisible trip line move under the sand.

The boys want to play outside with a home built cannon.
Maybe I should come and learn how it works?
Hairspray in a long plastic tube when ignited can shoot a rotten apple halfway across the valley. And shatter the peace on all sides.

After the third explosion I explode.
The cannon cannot live here.
I’ve stepped into the tornado. Swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.
My blood boils.
Yeah yeah sure thing. I see the look in the eyes.
They think I’ll back down when the tide passes and they’ll just do as they please anyway.
I snarl at my ex. He stares at me with big eyes. Like a deer trapped in a spotlight.
Then scuttles off with the cannon under his arm.
My son drops the final grenade at my feet:
“Thanks for ruining my birthday!”
So, do I pull the pin out or not? It’s my choice.
Ah the triple A!
I’ll have to try for that trophy again. Maybe next time.
This story is an attempt to understand how we (not others) trigger ourselves, by our interpretation of events and what this has to do with your fingerprints.
If you haven’t yet figured out your own trip lines, here’s a free report on understanding fingerprints.
You’ll receive the report via email.


If you would like help figuring this out have your fingerprints analysed professionally
or if you have already had your hands analysed and want to dive deeper join us in Earth School where we’re exploring a different life theme each month. Or get the book LifePrints.

5 thoughts on “The Ascended Attitude of Acceptance

  1. Barbara Reply

    Oh Jena, thank you so much for sharing this very personal story of yours!
    It gives me some peace while realizing that these situations are life and are happening to everybody, according to their pattern.
    My son is about the same age, simian and the lesson on right saturn.
    He does what he wants and does not listen to my advice. My lesson, one if many, right mercury …..
    So yes, all these persons in our life are here with us for a very special reason 🙂
    Take care Jena

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Thanks Barbara for your feedback.
      Good luck with your son. Would love to hear some of your stories sometime as my son has similar fingerprints.
      I guess we all choose our family perfectly for the AAA awards
      Love and hugs

  2. Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

    More about the AAA holy grail
    This phrase “the ascended attitude of acceptance” originally came from Tom Kenyon. He describes the process really well in his book “The Hathor Material” (the revised expanded edition 2012)

    Richard Unger and I adopted the phrase into our soul psychology talks last year because it fits exactly Richard’s method of working with fingerprints. (I highly recommend Kenyon’s book as a companion to Richard’s. It’s full of really useful exercises that I always mean to do… :-)))

    Some quotes from the Hathor Material about this:

    “It is ironic and paradoxical that consciousness can create either a heaven or a hell around the same event. The reactions that you experience in response to different events actually have very little to do with the events themselves. This is the initiatory awareness – understanding that whatever occurs, you are creating your own feeling and emotional responses, and only you are responsible for them….heaven and hell are within you…” 83

    Here is an interesting quote from Kenyon on the necessity of feeling:

    “the capacity to feel deeply, whether expressed or not, allows your KA to vibrate more freely….as you experience more feeling, the petals of your heart open and extend themselves…” 54
    Kenyon says we should train ourselves not only to become aware of our feelings but also where the sensation is in your body. How does it move or pulse? And then get in touch with a sound that wants to express, laughing, groaning, yelling, etc. Make the sound until it clears.

    More quotes from Kenyon on AAA:
    “So the first key is awareness of choice, and the second key is to actually make the choice.”
    “….the highest expression of choice (ie., compassion for both yourself and others) is the most resourceful way to change your destiny.” 99
    “Holding yourself and others in an attitude of of acceptance, no matter what may be occurring in your thoughts and feelings, sets off a resonance in consciousness, a vibrational field that may touch others and change them. It will certainly change you.”
    “This is your third key. The ascended attitude of acceptance and forgiveness for yourself and all other beings is a truly high vibration. It allows you to make difference choices, and allows you to create different outcomes than you could ever achieve in lower vibrations.” 100

    The paradox is you should feel the feelings but with compassion and acceptance.

    What has this to do with fingerprints?
    The beauty of fingerprints is they help you understand the dynamics of what triggers you.
    Your hot topic in Earth School.
    As you can gather from reading the post I’m no master of AAA – it’s an elusive trophy

  3. Merlin Reply

    Hi jena, Nice to hear your story and it is really very practical eventhough people neglect these things as silly stuff. I gotta learn a lot from you. Looking forward for many more lessons. Thanks. Very eager for upcoming posts.

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