The dangers of free stuff (palm reading secrets)

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This page is a bit of an experiment based on what I’ve learnt from trying to promote advanced palm reading online.

Some people say, don’t give anything away for free.
Because people won’t value it.

Others say, give away lots of free stuff
So people can see what you’re about
And will hopefully jump wilfully into your profit funnel
Which needs to be steep and slippery
With well constructed walls and special angles
So people can’t get out till the very bottom.

They also say, don’t worry if you tell them nearly everything.
People forget. And all they’ll remember is you being helpful and an expert.

Others say, tell everything but leave out the ‘how to’.
And then they say, create cheaper products that leave out crucial elements.
So in the end they have to buy the real thing (your most expensive product. Something that in all likelihood turns them into a smaller version of you.)

They say,
You do this to help people, because they don’t know yet that they actually need you.
This is why you should talk about problems and not solutions.

Personally I don’t think it’s fair to play God.
And decide you know better than someone else what they actually need.
Maybe you’re right after all. But there should be choices.
And an option to do things more consciously.

It’s essential that you have clear goals
Otherwise you’re going to get eaten alive on the internet.

And the only way to have clear goals is to get very very clear on who you are and what you want.

From what I can see, everything is energy,
Including information.

There has to be an energetic exchange of some sort
Or the transfer isn’t permanent. (you forget)

I see a lot of bloggers now give an option ‘If you find this info helpful,
Buy me a drink’. I think that’s a brilliant idea.
A win-win solution in a conscious world.
So people can benefit from your experience and you get paid.
And they can move on, without having to turning into you in the process.

(I’m busy writing 2 funny stories about this.
1. A survival tip from Africa (How to avoid getting eaten alive online by greedy marketers)
2. Are you a sheep or a ship? (Survival strategies from the Caribbean.)

If you’d like to see them written sooner rather than later you can bid on my unwritten stories. Each day I’ll write the ones that get the highest bid of the day. If there are no bids, I’ll just write whatever I please on that day. Bid for stories here.

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3 thoughts on “The dangers of free stuff (palm reading secrets)

  1. jane Reply

    oh you dont know how happy i am to read the above i have been crippled with indecision regarding working on line precisely because i cannot bring myself to behave as you describe. i have attended workshops where the leaders, and they have all been females! spout about their integrity and their authentic self and clearly it is just the bottom line – MONEY!- they care for. You truly give me hope that greed is not everyones reason to try and sell me their products and services

  2. Steve Reply

    I like the option “If you find this info helpful,
    Buy me a drink”.

    Never see it in application though… I will keep my eye open for it though!

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