The life lessons in your fingerprints

hand analysis life purpose life lesson, lifeprints by Richard UngerA new series of calls on fingerprints starts tomorrow in Earth School. Each month I’ll be interviewing Richard Unger on a different aspect of his LifePrints thesis on the various life lessons. We’ll explore what the different life lessons are in depth and how to turn your lesson into a gift to live the exalted version.
Tuesday, March 5 2013 we’ll kick off with what happens when your left index finger is your lowest ranked fingerprint.
Themes related to this finger include:
boundary issues, violations, shame, numbness and
not knowing what you want

We’ll explore all of these and how to turn this around to live your right life.
Join us here for the monthly topic calls with Richard.
This entitles you to participate in one call a month. Ask questions in the live call, get all the reference documents and replays and access to the Earth School Inner Circle Membership zone.

For hand analysts there are additional calls each month looking at hand prints related to the monthly theme.
Register for one or both calls here.
Recent updates on what Earth School Inner Circle members are saying:
“I loved how you took the time to do a recap of the main ideas, and even went as far as added in the info on how
to do the exercises, the clip on this mystery woman, and specifics on how to find that book/author he spoke about.
Amazing!! Thank you.” – Monika Schubert
” This call (Feb Topic 2013) has been such an ‘a-ha’ moment and carries the answers to ‘complexities’ that have been so confusing.
This isn’t just an interesting topic, this is a revelation! ” – Charmaine Boast

11 thoughts on “The life lessons in your fingerprints

  1. Rachel Reply

    I’m curious, how do you know what your lowest ranked fingerprint is? I stumbled upon your blog from googling hand analysis, cause we were talking about it in the pantry awhile ago, well I certainly have no idea so I was just listening. But I’m curious on how these stuff works.

  2. Karlon Reply

    Wow! This sounds amazing! I think this will be really an effective therapy on the whole. However, I think I am too late to register for it, almost 7 days late. I hope I can still register and make some good use of it. Please let me know soon if I can still register?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Karlon,

      You can still register. We are continuing the first topic today so there will be a brief summary.
      Also you’ll get the last replay and summary notes.

  3. Roger Reply

    It sounds amazing Jena! I am big fan of Mr. Richard Unger and I am definitely planning to register since I would love to know his thoughts and opinion on life. Thanks for this post!

  4. Bryon Reply

    Oh! I am quite late for this registration. But Jena, must say I really enjoy following your blog. I just love to read all new kind of hand analysis articles you post. Thanks for sharing those!

  5. Jack Reply

    “Hi jena,
    It is a great fun to read all your blogs. They are really interesting. After reading them I got to know many new things about myself and the power that is endowed over me. Thanks for sharing this post.”

  6. kathy Reply


    Trying to download the free reports mentioned above, also the Life Purpose Guide mentioned elsewhere. The page can’t be found. Are these no longer available?


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