The wheel of you – 2014

understanding your archetypes, wheel of you

Here’s a great tool to get your New Year rolling.
It’s called the wheel of awareness. And comes from Daniel Siegel,
author of The Whole-Brain Child.

Imagine yourself as a wheel with your pure consciousness as the hub.
On the circumference of the wheel is everything you are aware of
(senses, feelings or thoughts)

Whenever you feel stuck in any way
simply come back to your hub /your sense of feeling alive
(by focusing on your breath or sense of being in your body)
then choose something else on your wheel of awareness to focus on.
It’s a powerful quick fix. Suddenly your wheel is turning again.

You can do the same using your archetypes.
Your inner team. Those timeless characters that make up your unique personality.
How you discover them doesn’t really matter. Hands are a quick direct way to identify these types. But by no means the only way. You could dive into ancient mythology and see which characters resonate, or use Carolyn Myss’s brilliant work on Archetypes and Sacred Contracts.
I like all these methods, but Richard Unger’s hand shape archetypes is a very direct accurate method of using your hands to identify these types.

Once you have your types, imagine them all holding hands, or joined together, to make up the circumference of your wheel.

Which one do you default to? Are you stuck in a groove
using only one of your archetypes when there’s a whole team on standby?
For example, does the philosopher or perpetual student type hog the stage when actually there’s a queen in the wings?
Thats a bit like trying to ride a bike on a flat tire.
feeling stuck
To get your wheels turning again return to the hub of your wheel. Get a sense
of your pure aliveness/awareness/breath. Then call on another archetype to give
a totally new spin on your wheel. Feel a sudden rush?

May this new cycle – 2014 – put a smile on your dial.
Fresh new winds through your hair.
May you rise to the challenges of a beautiful new year.

Love and thanks for being here,

5 thoughts on “The wheel of you – 2014

  1. Rey Reply

    Hi Jena, thanks a lot for introducing the wheel of awareness to me. I know it’s a new year and we all must start things on a fresh note. However, things do stuck up in between and we run short of finding a way out. I really hope this wheel helps us out in times of need.

  2. Jack Reply

    Hi Jena, I have always believed the human body to be the centre of everything that happens in the life of a person. I always feel that the answers to all my questions are always there with me, I just need to search at the right time and in the right way. I think ‘the wheel of you’ teaches you how to find those answers. Thanks a lot for sharing this post.

  3. Shelora Reply

    What a beautiful way to visualize your inner Board of Directors – All the archetypes holding hands in a circle, like the Wheel of Fortune. Spin the wheel and choose a new archetype…from the melodrama of Soap Opera to the depth’s of Persephone’s wisdom, and back once again into the spotlight to embrace the successful, passionate, gifted inspirational speaker teacher and writer, brilliant genius that I am!I was stuck in the introspective gloom of Hades, and your simple technique has given my world view another twist. Thank you, Jena, for being a light bearer, and doing it with such efficiency and competence.

  4. bing Reply

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    pleasant post, keep it up.

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