Too much mommy? How does this show in hands?

This Tuesday, at 8pm Switzerland, 2pm Eastern I’ll be interviewing Itzhak Beery on healing the relationship with our mother on a souls level.

Itzhak has an interesting take on this topic. He says this primary relationship influences our every day life and even our relationship with nature.

More about  and direct link to this interview here.

Itzhak Beery Earth School Interview

How does your relationship with your mother show up in your hands?

It can show up in various ways.

For example,  a low set pinkie finger (see image below. The pinkie finger is set much lower down in the hand than normal)

indicates “too much mommy” in a man’s hand. The mother was either very dominant or was more influential prehaps because the father wasn’t around much.

The danger then is to continue the pattern by either choosing women who are dominant or avoiding women altogether.

low set mercury /pinkie finger
Low set pinkie finger

More info like this? – see my hand analysis foundation classes on how to read a palm using professional hand analyst techniques.

This marker means something slightly different in a woman’s hand.

2 thoughts on “Too much mommy? How does this show in hands?

  1. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Hi Jena,
    Isn’t it that the low-set pinky indicate that the opposite-sex parent has abandoned feeling?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Kiran, no not necessarily.

      “I need more closeness from Daddy.”
      Maybe dad wasn’t there. Or not enough..

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