Tuesdays with Richard starts this coming Tuesday: topic 1 – building a business

online hand analysis classes with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths
The new weekly program with Richard Unger starts next Tuesday in Earth School, January 24, 2012
An opportunity for you to deepen your understanding about hands and life in general by learning directly from Richard, the world authority on hand analysis.
Richard has much wisom to share and I’m deeply honoured to be able to bring this to you in small bite-sized chunks each week at a price everyone can afford wherever you are in the world.

Each month there’s a topic call – this call is open to everyone interested in the topic under discussion.
Next week’s call is on building a successful practice.

Then, a week later, following the same theme, there’s a specialist call for hand analysts.
Starting February, there will be 2 more call per month. These are on advanced hand shape combinations of value to anyone interested in hands, irrespective of what school of thought or background training you have. I’ll be sharing more info with you on this new course in the coming weeks.
Join us weekly here: Tuesdays with Richard

2 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Richard starts this coming Tuesday: topic 1 – building a business

  1. Lyka Reply

    I’ve always think of how I can start off a business?..
    Thanks for sharing about this. I very much appreciate it cos this may help.

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