What does it cost us to be liked?

What does it cost us to be liked?
Or part of a group?
Do we have to sell our souls?
Or look like mindless sheep, just to fit in?
Peer pressure is a big deal when we’re teenagers finding our separate identity from our parents
and our place in the world, but should we still be conforming when we’re 30 or 50 or even 99?
And what does this have to do with self approval? Or self disapproval?

Last week we discussed this topic with Richard Unger in our Life Lesson Topic series
on the Left Apollo Life Lesson.
One of the many method’s of self support Richard suggested was “drawing a line in the sand.”
Deciding just how much is healthy compromise and how much is too much. At what point are you irredeemably compromised?

Today we’re exploring this topic while looking at hand prints in our advanced threading class.

Not a hand analyst? Read something humorous I wrote on this topic a few years ago:
Are you a sheep or a ship?

1 thought on “What does it cost us to be liked?

  1. Jack Reply

    Hi Jena, it is a reality that we all have to compromise with every step we take in our lives. But yes, we must not over do it. Knowing your limits is of extreme importance, and I personally believe that compromising too much harms you only, people start taking you for granted.

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