Here’s a replay from one of my previous classes that shows a simple way of determing your “life lesson”.

MP3 File

Some reference notes to go with the call:

As Richard Moss says, “The greatest service you can do for this planet is to learn to manage your own thoughts and emotions.”

Why? Because as you raise your vibration you raise the vibration of the collective field.

In this sense, your main purpose is not to ‘fix’ yourself or ‘learn your lesson’ but rather to learn to manage your energy around your “hot topic”.

In a broader sense, you are exploring this topic not just for yourself but also for the collective whole.
Energetically and also by adding to collective wisdom through your experience.

The way I see it, there are 3 stages of growth in this process:
The first 2 phases cause you to lose energy the third to raise it.

Here are the stages we go through in exploring our “hot topic”.

1. The victim. (“It’s everyone else’s fault.” )
2. The judge (It’s my fault. I’m doing the same thing again. Why can’t I learn?! )
Then finally, by seeing it’s not you or another person (your mother/ your ex, your circumstance) but rather your pattern, a third way of interpreting events becomes possible:
3. the witness. (Wow! I see the pattern. This is what I am here to explore!)

I like to think of this as seeing your life though the eyes of your higher self.
The part of you who can always see the pattern no matter what is going on.

Seeing your life though the lens of your fingerprints is the quickest way to get to the viewpoint of the witness and thereby manage your emotions /and thereby vibration for the collective good of humanity.

This is your sacred work. For me, it is more important than your life pupose.
Your life purpose is merely a “cosmic carrot” on this journey.

The call builds a bridge for the concept “life lesson ” as “sacred work”.

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