Who is Richard Unger?

author of lifeprints deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints

Here’s an excellent interview with Richard Unger, author of LifePrints, Deciphering your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints. During the interview he takes us backstage to see how it all came about.

Richard’s contribution to the science and art of modern hand analysis is staggering. Decoding Life Purpose from fingerprints is the cornerstone of his work. Richard’s other work includes the identification of “opportunity for growth” lines, also the concept of gift markings, heart and spiritual journey markers, and more recently, decoding advanced hand shape. This interview by Jeremiah Glaser and Celine Foster, on the “as woowoo as you want” podcast. Hats off to Jeremiah and Celine for letting Richard tell his story in his own words and at his own pace. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the genius of a man who has dedicated his entire life to unlocking the mysteries of what our hands can tell us about ourselves. In the process, Richard has totally transformed the world of hands in a matter of decades, moving the focus way from predication towards self empowerment and personal growth.

Richard’s long awaited new book Handanalysis 101 is now available.


For more about this interview  visit the woowoo as you want podcast page on soundcloud episode 34     Also listen to episode 30 where I give my perspective.

To access an archive of calls and classes with Richard visit Earth School .

More about the Richard Unger library access here.


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