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Starting 23 September 2010

Hi, Jena Griffiths here.

If you’re wondering what on Earth you’re doing on this beautiful planet there’s this theory, by Douglas Adams, that Earth is an experiment designed by rats.

Then there are about a zillion other theories that you’re a spirit playing with other spirits in a game called ‘Earth School’. The problem is, the playground is full of bullys and pimps, and some of the lab experiments have got a bit out of hand.

A lot of students worry that Earth School will be (or at least ought to be) scrapped in 2012 because of the bad behaviour of everyone. Flattened (perhaps) so that the Flat Earth Society can once and for all prove they were right. Or scrapped totally and turned into two new places called ‘Heaven on Earth’ and ‘Hell on Earth’. And you’ll get sent to one or the other depending on whether or not you’ve learnt to levitate or jump through blazing hoops. Or skip timelines. Or instantly evolve yourself into a new species that doesn’t need to eat, sleep, poop, have sex or breathe the toxic fumes of what was once a beautiful planet.

The question being asked in the corridors is whether this school is just a figment of your own mind and also whether or not you’ve legally downloaded and paid for the missing word of the missing sentance of the missing chapter of someone’s secret crib notes.

Anyway, these are all just a bunch of theories. And I have no idea who’s right or simply left. Standing while the others have all gone to sleep.

I’ve spent a lifetime sticking my head into various auditoriums listening to what the various gurus say and what I see is this:
Everyone seems to be saying the same thing but using different language. It is only the ears that are different.
So this is why Earth School is built in the shape of an Ear.

(pic of ear)

Just like an ear. There are 2 parts to Earth School.

There’s the outer arena – where things get heard and what’s going on is visible to everyone.
This is the peanut gallery. The seats are free. You can come and go as you like.
I’m busy inviting some of the greatest thinkers on the planet to come and lecture here. Question is, are they brave enough?
Do they think they are too big to talk to the rabble and risk peanuts in their ears or tomatoes being rained upon them.
Or worse, that their perfect sentences get punctuated by loud snoring from the masses? Only time will tell.
As I said, it costs peanuts to be in this class, so reserve your seat now.
Enroll here for free:


The second part of Earth school is the deeper part of the ear. Where drums get beaten and its all about vibration and molecules rubbing themselves and each other up the right or wrong way.

This is the ‘learn by doing’ section.

This is where you learn about the maps at your fingertips.

What they mean to you and how to work with them.

Just like the ear, there are two parts.

At one level you learn how this applies to you. How to keep your balance on a rocking boat when icebergs and hurricanes are gathering.

Deeper still, you learn how to be a guide and help others navigate by undertanding and working with fingerprints.

These classes start on 23 September 2010.

You can pre-register here:

What will happen in these classes?

On these levels you will learn how to align your personality with your soul.

For the next 6 months I’ve invited Richard Unger to come and explain himself more clearly.

Richard who?

Richard Unger is the guy who thinks he’s figured out what fingerprints mean.

But his book only covers a fraction of what he is really trying to say:

That your main thesis in Earth School, and your ‘house’ is written in your fingerprints.

We’ll be looking at hand markings (maybe even your hands) with Richard and tying them back to the maps at your fingertips.

Each month we’ll explore a different theme.

September’s topic is. Am I God or am I nobody? We’ll be asking the experts what they think. As I said before, these calls are open to the entire peanut gallery free of charge.
Then, behind closed doors, with Richard we’ll be looking at this topic through the lens of hands.

More about Richard:

Richard is, in my opinion, one of the greatest hand analysts ever to have ever walked this planet.

Find out why you probably haven’t yet heard of this humble genius

and why you should be listening to him with all ears.

Richard Unger is the founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and author of

the book LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints.

Richard’s contribution to the world of hands is staggering but most important of all

is his groundbreaking work on fingerprints.

I’ve seen Richard’s work transform lives on a daily basis, including my own.

I last interviewed Richard online in 2008.

You can download this call here

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You’ll learn how you can:

  • read your soul’s agenda (your purpose on the planet and life lesson) from your fingerprints
  • use the information encoded in your fingerprints for rapid transformation
  • And, much more…

To register for the replay just type in your First Name and Primary Email
where shown below and then click the “Submit” button.


Looking forward to having you with us on the call!

Richard Unger’s book LifePrints is essential reading for anyone interested in metaphysics. Unger’s thesis about fingerprints is a huge contribution to the fields of psychology, soul psychology and metaphysics. You cannot afford to ignore this information, particularly if you read hands.

To learn how to read hands join Jena’s mastermind group. The purpose of this group is to teach as many people as possible to read hands effectively as fast as possible. Become a member..
Become a silver or gold members and you’ll have your fingerprints analysed free when you sign up so that you can start working with this information right way.

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