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    Have you ever noticed how quickly an answer comes? Even when you don’t realize you’re asking. Often it’s from an unlikely source – the lyrics of a song, or something a stranger says in passing…..or even from a blog post about a weird topic. 😉

    These “mini miracles” happen all the time. Noticing them makes me shift to suddenly feeling supported and deeply connected.

    Today while driving I re-listened to a CD from Jim Fannin’s series – The 90 second rule.

    I chose it quite randomly, thinking, “Why this? I’ve already listened to all of this series.”

    Then Jim said something that gave me a 180 shift in my thinking.

    I was worrying about the impact of our calls with Richard. Are we focusing too much on the negative in people’s hands? How to remind others to see the possibilities of what might be holding someone back, without voicing these possibilities aloud to the person.

    Then Jim spoke on research he’d done proving how each thought we have is instantly communicated. He said before you go into a meeting, take 90 seconds to fill your mind with all the ways the other person will benefit from your work.

    I suddenly realized, here’s the answer. It’s so simple and here I was, filling my mind with the exact opposite!

    Action exercise

    This is a powerful exercise you can use right now. Or before your next meeting; whether with a teenager, a partner, client, colleague or business associate.

    Take 90 seconds time out to fill your mind with all the ways they’ll benefit from what you plan to share. Then have your meeting.

    More about this related to hands?

    Here’s a post I’ve written for Earth School inner circle members on how to talk to clients about their hands.

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