2 comments to Feel like you don’t fit in?

  • Jena, what an incredibly compelling, to-the-point article! Absolutely brilliant. There are so many ways “niche” issues show up in our lives — the examples you give above, and also the way in which business owners attempt to define their “niche”. You’ve given me food for thought on all of the above. Now, I’m gonna have to take a print of my hands and see what secrets they might reveal to me, and ask myself those good questions you suggest: have I been trying to run with the wrong herd? If so, how much have I been compressing myself? And I love: “Where’s my swan group”? I think I’m surrounded by swans, but maybe I’m not looking for the right bird shape and feathering :-) .

  • Hi Jane, I think that’s a wonderful moment to be in. Realizing you are surrounded by fellow swans…
    love, Jena :-)

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