Recommended hand analysis book

I’ve just received Kay Packard’s new hand analysis book “Your Life is in your hands” in the post and I’m delighted. This is the book we have all been waiting for. The very first basic hand analysis book on the market from the Richard Unger lineage, written in English for a broader audience. Kay’s thinking is not pure Unger/IIHA. She has also been significantly influenced by Venon Mahabal. Further, Kay adds her own deep spiritual wisdom to this well written work.

Kay’s book will play a significant role in healing a lot of misconceptions out there due to what was written by palmists of yesterday, and about hand reading in general.

Kay Packard

Such as?

The meaning of life lines, the myth re life lines and longevity.
Breaks in the life line and how to interpret them.
The meaning of Simian lines, heart lines, head lines, vertical lines.
The book breaks the spell of fear and dread cast upon people who believe they are doomed due to a marker in their hands.
Kay explains how every marker has both a positive and a negative aspects and you can use both to unlock your potential and improve your life.
The book includes sections on hand shape and mythological archetypes.
This is a self help book but it is also a “must have” for any serious hand analyst, hand reader or palm reader.
I particularly like her chapter on reading hands mindfully. Click here to read more …

The alchemy of relationship

Isn’t it interesting how at one depth your partner might look like a beautiful mermaid or a friendly dolphin. Yet at another depth, under intense pressure, the identical person suddenly turns into a deep sea monster?
dolphin-mainangry spouse
sacred partnership, alchemy of relationship, fingerprints and mindfulness, mindfulness at your fingertips, lifeprints training, conscious collaboration, hand analysis applied to relationship, love is in your hands It’s a cosmic joke really – how we seem to attract and be attracted to the one person who can really push all our buttons. Why is this? And how can, instead of ending up in a totally dark place (inside the belly of the beast?), how can we play the game with love and support instead of getting eaten alive?
Last night Tomar Levine and I completed the final chapter of our new “mindfulness at your fingertips” course. The focus of the 9th call in this series was on sacred partnership. Seeing the game and embracing the collaboration.

What did we discuss?
We discussed the alchemy of relationship – and why we need it.
We also explored how your fingerprints show your trigger points and how knowing each other’s hidden drives helps one to create a safe haven for both to do the work required. This is the real beauty of relationship; being both the vehicle and the vessel for each other’s transformation. Not just one or the other.

sacred partner-ship, relation-ship, alchemy of relationship, marriage counselling
Some other key points we discussed:
That happiness is an inside job.
That thought is creative and emotions breathe life into our thoughts.
We can’t change another person but we can choose a different response. Or a different story to tell ourselves about whatever is going on.
How do you choose to react? As a victim or as a judge? Or as a compassionate witness?
Compassion is the key, particularly self compassion, and seeing through the painful stories we use to keep ourselves trapped in the underworld.
And then the miracle – as we change the stories we tell ourselves (and hence, how we feel) our partner mysteriously changes too.
Why is this?
Instead of trying to fix the mirror, as we transform so does what we see reflected back to us.

Conscious collaboration is something one can learn without knowing anything about Click here to read more …

Do you have “worry lions”?

A few nights ago I had a viviid dream of a huge lion lying on my chest, pinning me down with both paws. He was a lot like the Sphinx, overbearing but inactive. I tried to tell him he wasn’t actually real. That if I just knew how to focus properly he would dissolve into the illusion he really was. Yet he felt very real to me. I could feel his fur, his claws in my shoulders, his weight. I tried pushing him off and nearly had my hand bitten off. Then I tried a different tactic. Love. Staring into his eyes sending love and kindness. He simply stared back sternly, his eyes incredibly all knowing but merciless. They seemed to reach all the way back to infinity and beyond. What was he expressing? Impartiality? Impatience? Clearly he was growing restless. I was moments away from being eaten alive and there seemed to be not a damned thing I could do about it. Then, at the very last second, someone from afar darted him and he rolled off me lifelessly. I hated the idea that I was rescued by someone else instead of “conquering” the lion myself, singlehandedly. But then I realised, this is a dream and every character in it is just another part of myself. So which part of me took positive action? The archer?

And why am I telling you this dream?
I’ve written a couple of posts that will help you wrestle with your own lions. And see them for what they really are.

Here they are:
What’s eating you? (about lions and mindfulness)
Doing vs being (about life purpose and why you can’t have what you really want.)
Can we cool the planet by thinking less? (about mindfulness and results)
and this post: “Worry lions” (About horizontal lines on your hands, thumb and fingers)

Do you know that nearly half of the lines on your hand are “lions” not lines? :-)

Why do I say that?
These lions/lines indicate the self created beasts (the stories we tell ourselves) that hold us in their grip sometimes for an entire lifetime. Seeing them for what they are is the first step to freeing yourself from their grip.

Think of me as just another part of you. The archer. These words reaching out to you through time and space to help you immobilise whatever lion currently has you by the throat.

Here’s a pic of someone who has learned how to manage his own lions through mindfulness.

Simply allowing them to be without breathing life into any of them.
Thought is creative. The thoughts you think today become the reality you live tomorrow. Most thoughts need to be let go of rather than be energized.

Here are a few pic’s of “Worry lions” on the upper thumb. (Traditionally called “worry lines”)
worry linesworry lionsworry lines 2worry lines 35.05

The upper thumb is all about manifestation.
They indicate worrying about life circumstances and lack in general and non manifestation as a result.
How to resolve this? Click here to read more …

Doing vs being

Eeyore! Eeyore! This is going to be my new mantra every time I catch myself trying too hard
to “do” my life purpose.

What do I mean?

Have you noticed? The harder you try to grab onto your purpose the more elusive it gets?
Why can’t you just have what you really want?

It might astonish you to hear this but your life purpose is not actually “do-able” through traditional action plans.
Just as the donkey can’t reach the carrot by running faster because it’s attached to him (as he moves, it moves), so too with your life purpose.
Think of it as your cosmic carrot. It’s part of the mechanism that drives you.
The bait that motivates you to continue playing this wretched-blessed game called life.
Or as someone once said to me:
“You can’t change the program by running it.
You can’t change the program because you are the program.”

Here in lies the key to living your purpose:
“Life purpose is a consciousness to inhabit not an action to take” Richard Unger

You can’t have it because you already ARE it. It is not something to have or to do, it is something to be.
You can’t “do” being. That’s like trying to become more yin by applying more yang.

So how can you get the carrot?
(Humorous pic of donkey wanting carrot)

The first step needs to be a yin step not a yang one.
Being not doing.
Owning who you really are rather than focusing on the lack of who you really are. Click here to read more …

Life Purpose Classes 2015

Another year of Earth School classes with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths starts soon.
In 2015 we will be exploring the Life Purposes in depth.
We’ll also be exploring Heart and the Spiritual Journey markers.
Click here to read more …

Are you a pure heart?

Last week was the final call of the Gift Marker Topic Series with Richard Unger.
In the spirit of this marker (the pure heart) I have decided to give this call to you as a year end holiday present.
What did we discuss?
We discussed the Pure heart type (which is a very rare gift marking).Scroll down to see an example. Though rare in its purest form, this type embodies the spirit of the year end festivities. All heart.
We also looked at Venus Stars of various types (not a gift marker). Click here to read more …

Mindfulness at your fingertips
How can you use your fingerprints as a mindfulness tool?
Your fingerprints are your unique blueprint for mindfulness
because they reveal what governs your emotions:
What makes you feel fulfilled. And what shuts you down.

Click here to read more …

Light vs Lack

Think of yourself as a light switch. You’re either on or you are off.
It’s really the only choice we have. Moment by moment. Shine? Not Shine?

Or in computer speak 0101010000111110001010101010101010101001011111110010101110101010000011010000101011111
The permutations are endless.
It’s a creation game. And you are totally in control.
And look what fun it is to play. Even if your life looks like a huge melodrama right now.
Don’t like the movie? Re-write it by adding more light into your own sequence of on/off choices 0101000….
The question is: what switches you on? What switches you off?
This switch is visible in your fingerprints.

What do I mean?
It seems impossible that life can be so Click here to read more …

Transformation at your fingertips

What if….
What if you are actually limitless?
What if you needed to step down your energy (by taking on an illusion of limitation) in order to play on this plane?
What if this limiting thought (false belief about yourself) could be clearly identified, mapped and even tracked?
Well then, you would have a key to rapid transformation, to being limitless again but also here/able to still play on this plane at the same time.
This is the real gift if fingerprint analysis. The trick is to actually see this and act on it.
Click here to read more …

Do you have the gift of laser-like focus?

gift marker Simian lineSome of us have minds that jump all over the place, like light reflected off a disco ball. We are focused on a million different things. And the focus keeps shifting. A fortunate few may have learned the power of single-minded focus. We can hold it for a while, but not without intense discipline and training.
But every now you meet someone who seems to be a natural. They have what it takes to focus all their energies (both head and heart) on a single task and keep at it while the rest of us are getting on with other things.
If this is you, take a look at your palms. Quite likely you have two major lines on your hand instead of three. Officially this marker is called “A Simian line”.
What does it mean?
The energy of the heart and the head are sharing one cable instead of two. Positive side: tremendous focus, negative possibility: misunderstandings due to scrambled messages.
If you or your child has a Simian line my advice is DO NOT read up all the garbage posted online about this hand marker. Save yourself the effort and instead find something you are really passionate about to focus all your energy on.
The dangers for Simian types:
1. Not knowing what your passion is.
2. Feeling misunderstood
People may think you are being aloof when you think you’re being kind and considerate. This is the down side of having head and heart fused.
Save yourself from crossing swords unnecessarily by always double checking your communication – ask what the other person heard or if you interpreted them correctly.
“What did you hear me say?” or “Am I understanding you correctly. Is that what you just said?”

More on the Simian Crease – here is a video Click here to read more …