Do you have a line of clairvoyance?

Uri Geller 2008 line of clairvoyance, hand analysis tipsThought you might like to Uri Geller’s incredibly strong line of clairvoyance. (If you are not sure which line this is scroll down to the marked image at the bottom of this post.)

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Are you really listening?

hand analysis tips and classesHold your hands up in front of you with the fingers relaxed. Now look at your fingers, particularly the little finger.
Is it standing up straight, supported by the palm underneath it? Or is it standing slightly apart from your other fingers, perhaps even so far apart that it looks as if it is toppling off the edge of a cliff?

The little finger, also called the Mercury finger, is all about communication.
When the little finger starts to move off on its own, this is sometimes interpreted as indicating feeling isolated, or relationship difficulties or independence of thought. But what it really means is an unwillingness to listen to others or take in new information beyond one’s own preconceived ideas. This is the root cause behind feeling isolated or having relationship problems, and also the downside of having a fixed opinion.

According to spiritual teacher Thomas Huebl, there are 2 types of listening: The masculine principle (focus) and the feminine principle (taking the other in). Allowing the other person and their idea’s to land in you and being able to feel and respond them fully.

When the pinkie finger goes off kilter this indicates that the feminine side of one’s listening capacity needs rehabilitation.
This could apply to not listening to other people or your own inner voice.
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Learn to read life purpose from fingerprints in London

College of Psychic Studies

I’ll be in London in a few weeks at the College of Psychic Studies to offer a talk and also a workshop teaching people how to decode life purpose from fingerprints.
If you are in the area come and join us at the College.

This talk will give you an opportunity to lift the veils and see beyond the illusion of any limiting thoughts underpinning current beliefs of who you are or what may or may not have happened in the past. We explore four steps to unlocking your purpose including principles you can start applying right away.

Talk 12 July
7:00pm – 8:30pm

Life Purpose at Your Fingertips
Find our more here

Sunday 17 July
10:00am – 5:00pm

Learn to read Life Purpose from fingerprints
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Self Mastery at your Fingertips TM

dreamstime_xs_26293278Once in a lifetime
we simply have to say yes

to ourselves and our soul’s calling

Yes to the different drummer that we have been hearing all these years.
The ache to be who we came here to be, and also to connect with a like-minded people.

If this is you too, come join us in Findhorn for a week long adventure into the landscape and sacred places of your soul’s big dream for this lifetime.

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How the hand reflects the brain

The hand is the visible part of the brain. Color, shape and line formations can and do change over time. They can also change instantly by responding to thoughts and feelings (color changes) or as old habitual thinking patterns are removed or personality patterns rewired (lines and shape change).

What doesn’t change is your fingerprints. These can be thought of as your “soul map” or what Richard Unger calls your “LifePrints” (in his book by that name). From this perspective, you are a spirit having a human experience. Your fingerprints, decoded using this system, reveal life purpose and life lesson.

However, after working with Richard’s system for over a decade and trying to explain how this works to thousands of people, and how to use this information in a practical and long term way, and teaching this system worldwide, this is what I find:

Your fingerprints reveal your mental programming (the “illusion” ) you are running in order to have a human life. The problem is, you can’t fix a program by running it. Essentially, there is nothing to fix. The task required is not fixing or changing but self awareness and self mastery.
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What is hand analysis?

People often ask me what hand analysis is, how it is different and how it helps.
Here are some answers to frequently asked questions :

How can hand analysis help?
Hand analysis is all about self discovery and how to unlock your right life.
It is not about how long you are going to live or what might or might not happen.
In hand analysis there is zero prediction about the future.

We explore talents and life purpose and how to access one’s potential.
We look at both soul psychology (deep meaning) and at personality strengths.

What is the difference between hand analysis and other systems?

Hand analysis is a relatively new field of psychology that uses the hand as a mirror of the psyche. I believe that it is the psychology of the future. Many respected psychologists and coaches and counselors are already using it as an entry point to understand core issues and driving forces within the psyche. The focus is not on pathology but on mythology. How to see one’s life, and one’s life challenges, from a larger mythological perspective; from a soul perspective. And how does one’s personality characteristics impact on the larger game.
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New in 2016 – Richard Unger in German

Monika Hauser and Nina Nanz have spent the last few months exploring how they can best bring the Earth School series with Richard Unger to the German speaking community.
In February 2016 they will be starting the first series of live reruns in German, starting with the Life Purpose calls that took place in English recently.
Monika and Nina are dedicated to keeping the content and finer nuances true to the original. You can now tune into them live every month.
NEU ab 2016
Richard Unger in deutscher Sprache!

Schon bald können auch deutschsprachige Studentinnen und Studenten direkt von Richard Unger lernen und profitieren!
Ab 2016 werden Nina Nanz und Monika Hauser monatlich eines von den bereits sehr zahlreichen Interviews von Jena Griffiths und Richard Unger in die deutsche Sprache übersetzen.
Die neue Audio-Serie startet im Februar mit der Themen-Reihe: Lebenszweck (Life Purpose).

Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016: rechter Jupiter als Lebenszweck (Life Purpose)
Donnerstag, 10. März 2016: linker Jupiter Click here to read more …

2016 weekly online classes in hand analysis

mining your schoolI feel deeply honored to have Richard with us again for another year of classes in Earth School. While these calls are essential training for hand analysts, some calls are of interest to everyone. This year we are mining the Life Schools and also exploring line and shape variations.
I really believe that Richard’s work is the psychology of the future, and if you are already working with his material in your own life, or to help clients, consider yourself blessed. These calls help people access his original thinking first hand.
Each teacher has a slightly different take on this material and, while each of us adds something, often really important or valuable, still the layers and layers of depth and meaning get lost in the process. This is why it is important to also hear it from source and to keep coming back for updates. One can then create one’s own interpretation with solid footing.
If you would like to join us in 2016 here are some Monthly payment options. You are welcome to join at any time. These classes will be made available in future in the shop for a slightly higher fee than the monthly rate.

*** NEU ab 2016 ***
Earth School Deutsch

Monika Hauser and Nina Nanz have spent the last few months exploring how they can best bring the Earth School series with Richard to the German speaking community.
In February this year they will be starting the first series of live reruns in German, starting with the Life Purpose calls that took place in English recently.
Monika and Nina are dedicated to keeping the content and finer nuances true to the original. You can now tune into them live every month.
More details here:
Richard Unger in deutscher Sprache!
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Change your level and change everything

I like to use the imagery of a diver descending deeper and deeper in the ocean
to explain how we can change everything going on in our lives, and in the world, by shifting your level of consciousness (your field of frequency).

Recently I gave a 5 minute talking at Ignite Zurich to explain how this works.
At the same moment, while this event was taking place, not very far away, Paris was under attack.

I had planned to create a longer version of this talk and post it here, but instead I have been exploring what each of us can do to help heal the pain in the world, based on these principles.

You can read my notes and related articles I published here
Pain in the world – how you can help
as well as what this has to do with how to shift levels of consciousness individually and collectively. (Thinking like a diver)
These notes explain the metaphysical principles behind this talk and why it is so important that you work on yourself now more than ever if you would like to see radical change in the world.

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Soul tracking in Findhorn

Soul Tracking with Jena Griffiths

I feel deeply honored to be able to invite you to join me in Findhorn, Scotland, one of the Earth’s sacred places and possibly the best place in the world to do deep inner work. Findhorn’s Susan Miles and I have created a brand new workshop specially for Findhorn, starting May 7 2016 (for 7 days).

During this workshop we will uncover how we are meant to shine and manifest our divinity by learning to see beyond the illusion of daily circumstance.

Within the apparent duality of our incarnation, we will explore the yin and the yang of life purpose and life lesson. We will learn how to use the inherent polarities in life as a mindfulness tool to more consciously give expression to the soul journey each one of us is here to express.

This will be made possible by exploring our unique blueprint – the soul maps in our fingerprints and the mythological archetypes in our personalities.

At the end of the week we each know how to fully inhabit our purpose and we each take home our unique energy management and soul tracking programme.

This will be my first workshop at Findhorn. Susan has been focalising workshops at the Foundation since 1994. If what you have read here resonates deeply, we would love to have you with us.

More information on how to join us

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