There are four Earth Schools. Each of us belongs to one or more of these four schools.
You can work out which school you belong to by studying your fingerprints.
How many if each type of fingerprint do you have?

School of service – the whorl fingerprint

school of serviceschool of service

Service vs burdensome obligation
Some people are built to help others to such an extent that they’ll even sacrifice
their own well being if doing so furthers a greater cause.
If this is you, you just can’t help yourself. It’s in your blood to help.

The problem is, other people can smell this and quickly take advantage.
You need to learn to serve others by also serving yourself.
Doing right service rather than wrong service.
In other words, something that gives you oxygen or makes you feel alive
rather than drains you.

If you have three or more whorls in your fingerprints you are this type.
What does the whorl fingerprint looks like? Look at the three images above and
also these two below:

whorl fingerprintwhorl variation

Here’s a good analogy for school of service types:
Think of the emergency drill explained by the flight crew on all passenger aircraft.
They tell you to put the mask on yourself first before helping others.
But you tend to do the opposite.
If you put the oxygen mask on yourself first you’ll be able to help others around you.
But if you try to put it on someone else before yourself you’ll end up serving no-one.

Sometimes it takes people with whorls on their fingerprints a lifetime to figure this out.
The trick is to serve others by living your passion. By doing what really turns you on.
Then you’re getting the oxygen you need to thrive and you can help others do the same.

Usually one needs to go through a selfish or narcissistic phase en route in order to let go of
group thinking or burdensome obligation.
This is a learning process. Smile, relax. You’re an angel helper, not a slave.

School of love – the loop fingerprint

Love and connection vs stuffed feelings

If you have 6 or more loops in your fingerprints this means that your life is about love and connection.
You are here to learn about opening your heart and emotional authenticity. Think of yourself as a heart connector.

The loop fingerprint
a loop fingerprintloop-2
The key to making your life work is to stay with your emotions, and express them appropriately no matter
what others around you are thinking, doing or saying.

And when you truly live this, you have the capacity to connect many people together through your emotional presence,
through the heart, through relationship.

You’re a kind of cross pollinator, like a butterfly.

The dominant theme in your life is all about the mastery of emotions, love, closeness and connection.
This is what you seek and what you fear most.

Because you are here to explore the emotions theme fully, you may start off of the shadow side,
having experiences that cause you to numb out and not feel your feelings.
Or you may stuff your feelings in other ways, by sweeping what you feel under the carpet,
by bottling up and not expressing your emotions or by exploding inappropriately.
Or perhaps your emotions get blocked on the releasing side.
Can you let go of events that are long over?

School of wisdom – the tented arch

Wise advisor vs fence sitter

If you struggle to make decisions and suffer from “fence sitting” or “Mr Next Year” syndrome,
the good news is that you have a lot of wisdom to share.

The tented arch fingerprint
tented arch fingerprinttented-arch-2school of wisdom
Here’s what a tented arch fingerprint looks like. Tented arches are relatively rare.
Do you have one or more tented arches in your fingerprints?
One tented arch means this is partly your theme. Two or more tented arches then this is an overriding theme in your life.

A major part of what you’re here to learn is…. just do it!
You’re here to share your wisdom with others.
The downside of this is you could get stuck on the diving board, wanting to be the expert first
or know all the facts before making your decision or taking action.

Learn through doing, commit, risk failure or criticism.
If you are this type, here is a good analogy for you:
Remember those puzzles where you slide blocks around until the pattern works?

If you don’t move any block you can’t see a solution.
It doesn’t really matter which block you move as long as you move one.
You can always re-correct if it’s the wrong move but you won’t know until you actually do it.

School of Peace – the arch

Peace vs panic
The arch fingerprint
arch fingerprintarch-thumb
arch fingerprint

Arches are relatively rare. If you have one arch fingerprint or more you are in this school.

Do you find yourself always running, trying to juggle too many things at the same time?
Or feeling: Everything is a struggle, I’m behind, the body is an enemy, it’s not safe here…?

If you feel like you are always on the front line, and you’re either running from this feeling,
or numbing out as a result…
your life is about finding peace.

To get here you first need to learn to feel safe in your body and on the planet.

This implies moving from the battlefront to finding a deep sense of peace
within yourself. Finding a balance between work and play, moving from struggle,
body-based fear or numbness to inner peace, the joy of being alive.

If you can’t find your fingerprints in any of the images above, take a look at the other images in the report on sacred work.
Some of the common composites are included in this report. If you still can’t find one or more of your fingerprints then
you have a rare composite pattern and will need professional input for correct analysis rather than going the DIY route.

What is the next step?

If you would like to know more about what your fingerprints reveal there are a number of different ways to do this:
1. The easiest and perhaps most helpful method is to have your hands and fingerprints professionally analysed during a full consultation.
This method allows you to explore how your personality (hand shape/markers) supports your life purpose/soul journey (fingerprints).
This is the best route because you get unique insight from Jena and coaching support.
2. You can then dive deeper by reading up in more detail about your own fingerprint combination in a 500 page ebook Lifeprints Deluxe. A shorter printed version of this book is also available through bookstores.
3. If you would like to learn to read life purpose from fingerprints yourself, then take a course in fingerprint analysis.
Forthcoming courses More information about this course here.
4. You can also learn through simple step by step online/audio classes wherever you are in the world.
Foundation classes on reading Life Purpose from fingerprints. This is a video course.
Foundation classes on personality psychology More information here.

Any further queries please email hand analysis online