Are our fingerprint patterns the next new map?

patterns can and cant be seenhow to read a palm start with fingerprint patterns
These two patterns are identical. The only difference is one is sepia and the other is full color.
The one on the left looks like meaningless random blobs while the other is readable and has a clear meaning,
provided you aren’t color blind and can read numbers.

Are fingerprints the same?
Not random patterns at all but a concise readable map of who you are.

Are fingerprints the next extraordinary map for humanity?

This is what Richard Unger maintains, the author of LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints.

Richard’s fingerprint thesis blows a huge hole in the nature/nurture debate.
It implies that nature and nuture are both dependent on something else; who you are beyond physical circumstances:
that “your stuff” (your soul’s agenda) precedes your life story.

For most people this is a very freeing thought.

It enables you to stop blaming others and events for whatever is going on in your life right now.
How can you blame your mother, or anyone else for what happened 20, 30 or 40 years ago when quite clearly the pattern was visible in your fingerprints from 5 months prior to birth?

The pattern always precedes the event. Sometimes by years, even by decades.
This is a huge breakthrough. It helps us map the spiritual collaboration taking place between individuals.
It gives us a far broader perspective on our own lives.

So what do your fingerprints say about who you are?
Here’s some more info about Richard’s ebook. The original, unedited version of Lifeprints.
LifePrints Deluxe
The encyclopedia and manual for life purpose analysis.
This book is the core of most information on this site.

5 thoughts on “Are our fingerprint patterns the next new map?

  1. steve Reply

    interesting but im a little confused on what we would use the map for a map to something more than fingerprints?

  2. Ascentive Reply

    This is really interesting article. Some of my friend can read my palm and tell my personality and even future.

    • Jenna Griffiths Post authorReply

      well hand analysis is not about telling the future but about using your hands for self reflection. The more you know yourself the more successful you can be.

  3. Chimp Reply

    Hey that’s really a great post and a wonderful description out here, I really like the way things are being executed and discussed here.

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