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How the hand reflects the brain

The hand is the visible part of the brain. Color, shape and line formations can and do change over time. They can also change instantly by responding to thoughts and feelings (color changes) or as old habitual thinking patterns are removed or personality patterns rewired (lines and shape change).

What doesn’t change is your fingerprints. These can be thought of as your “soul map” or what Richard Unger calls your “LifePrints” (in his book by that name). From this perspective, you are a spirit having a human experience. Your fingerprints, decoded using this system, reveal life purpose and life lesson.

However, after working with Richard’s system for over a decade and trying to explain how this works to thousands of people, and how to use this information in a practical and long term way, and teaching this system worldwide, this is what I find:

Your fingerprints reveal your mental programming (the “illusion” ) you are running in order to have a human life. The problem is, you can’t fix a program by running it. Essentially, there is nothing to fix. The task required is not fixing or changing but self awareness and self mastery.
You “fix” yourself by becoming aware of the fact that you are running a program and then, through mindfulness and self compassion, by figuring out how to Continue reading

Change your level and change everything

I like to use the imagery of a diver descending deeper and deeper in the ocean
to explain how we can change everything going on in our lives, and in the world, by shifting your level of consciousness (your field of frequency).

November, Friday 13th, I gave a 5 minute talking at Ignite Zurich to explain how this works.
At the same moment, while this event was taking place, not very far away, Paris was under attack.

I had planned to create a longer version of this talk and post it here, but instead I have been exploring what each of us can do to help heal the pain in the world, based on these principles.

You can read my notes and related articles I published here
Pain in the world – how you can help
as well as what this has to do with how to shift levels of consciousness individually and collectively. (Thinking like a diver)
These notes explain the metaphysical principles behind this talk and why it is so important that we each work on ourselves now more than ever if we would like to see radical change in the world.

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Soul tracking in Findhorn

Soul Tracking with Jena Griffiths

I feel deeply honored to be able to invite you to join me in Findhorn, Scotland, one of the Earth’s sacred places and possibly the best place in the world to do deep inner work. Findhorn’s Susan Miles and I have created a brand new Life Purpose workshop specially for Findhorn.

During this workshop we will uncover how we are meant to shine and manifest our divinity by learning to see beyond the illusion of daily circumstance.

Within the apparent duality of our incarnation, we will explore the yin and the yang of life purpose and life lesson. We will learn how to use the inherent polarities in life as a mindfulness tool to more consciously give expression to the soul journey each one of us is here to express.
This will be made possible by exploring our unique blueprint – the soul maps in our fingerprints and the mythological archetypes in our personalities.

At the end of the week we each know how to fully inhabit our purpose and we each take home our unique energy management and soul tracking programme.
If what you have read here resonates deeply, we would love to have you with us.

Click here for more information or to book.
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Why can’t you live your Life Purpose?

oak tree rootsAs hard as this may be to believe, you can’t not live your live purpose. You are always living it in one form or another. Your purpose is what makes you “you”. Utterly unique. Even when you feel off purpose you are still living your life purpose, albeit on another level. Experience in the seemingly opposite direction is what is required for your purpose to blossom.

There are numerous ways to make sense of this. One way is to use an oak tree analogy: usually all we see is the huge sturdy tree, but as soon as you start wondering, how does it get to be so big, strong and sturdy? Only then do you become aware of its hidden “alter ego”: the massive, unseen “taken for granted” root structure deep underground. This part is often far bigger than the visible part. You can’t have the one without the other. So too with your purpose.
Similarly, there’s the lotus flower analogy: without the mud that it grows in there would be no blossom.
Another analogy is to think of your lifetime as a tapestry: you can’t create a pattern without creating the reverse pattern on the other side. This is the messy underbelly where all the work gets done, knots tied, threads backtracked, seeming errors made yet it all make perfect sense when you look at the beautiful pattern on the upper side…
Each of these analogies elegantly explains how experience is required and how opposites apply.

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What’s my life purpose? How can I live a more meaningful life?

Cairns Birdwing, the largest butterfly in Aust...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much of our anxiety comes from feeling we aren’t doing what we came here to do. We fear we will somehow miss the boat. But please note: you cannot miss the boat because you ARE the boat.
It is the destiny of an acorn to become an oak tree. This is not a luxury. It is an inbuilt compulsion. The oak tree might grow into a big tree or a small one but it will always be an oak. So too, you can’t miss your life purpose. Nor is it a luxury to live it. It is the inbuilt compulsion that drives you. You have a unique song to sing that only you can express. This is what the world is waiting for. This is how you are meant to contribute – by being yourself.
It might surprise you to hear this: You are already living your purpose with every breath and every thought and every deed. Your life purpose is to dream the dream you are busy dreaming.
So what can you do better?
Can you improve the dream? Sure. Can you wake up in your own dream? This is our ultimate purpose – to become conscious creators of our own dream instead of unconscious creators; to shake ourselves and each other awake so that we can better steer the dream.
It is all about trust and timing – trusting that this is a supportive universe. The water is never deeper than you can stand in. “Life happens for you, not to you”.
How to unlock your potential?
By loving who you are and where you are right now. A baby takes nine months from conception to birth. It wouldn’t serve the baby to speed up the process and take it out of the womb after just two months. Likewise, a butterfly spends the first half of its life being a caterpillar. It wouldn’t serve the caterpillar to try to speed up the process or go into denial about being a caterpillar. To go from A to B the caterpillar needs to go through a complete meltdown. This isn’t a mistake or anything to fear. It is a natural process. We each follow our own unique timeline.
You are exactly wherever you need to be right now.
English: Caterpillar of a Common Australian Cr...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we consciously choose how we feel in the moment we see that we can take back the controls of our own life. You begin to see that you are at the hub of everything going on; that you are the creator of your own movie.
How are you meant to shine?
And, what does your life look like when you are not shining?
Deep down you already know these answers. Your fingerprints can really help too because they give you a clear map of your own unique blueprint. Your fingerprints reveal what makes you feel deeply fulfilled. They also reveal your core limiting thought. The very thing that is holding you back. When you can see how this works you have the key to setting yourself free. For more articles like this explore this website and register alongside for updates. For courses or consultations you need to decide if you would like an online or in person experience. For in person, I’ll be in Australia from mid July to mid August.

For online consultations – discovering your life purpose from your fingerprints – consultation here.

For online courses – here are two foundation courses:
Soul psychology (learn to read life purpose from fingerprints)
Personality psychology (learn what all the markers in your hands mean)

What is hand analysis?

I’ve just posted this video explaining what hand analysis is and how it relates to life purpose

Your fingerprints are a mindfulness tool. They are about how you manage your energy: what makes me feel fulfilled and what drags me under. A lot of people think you can tell life purpose from fingerprints, and from a broad perspective that is true. But if you are looking for something more specific, like career or how can I get paid or serve other people, while fingerprints are part of that, it’s a much more specific question. There one needs to look at the whole hand, at personality. These are strengths and talents and various archetypes. You can think of the cluster of these types as an “inner team” that support you on your journey. These team players are visible in your hand, like hand shape and various line formations.
Knowing from your fingerprints what makes you feel fulfilled and what triggers you and being kind to yourself in that moment, that shifts you radically.
Knowing your fingerprints means knowing yourself on a deep foundational level. Basing your life on this blueprint, you can then choose the colors you need to have the life you want. It is all about managing your energy – mindfulness.
This is the great gift of fingerprints.

How to shine

Here’s an exercise that shifts everything.
Imagine there is a light source inside your chest. You can turn the dimmer switch up or down.
Whenever you feel you lack something imagine that all you do is turn up the dimmer switch so that you radiate whatever it is you feel you lack.
The same applies to your purpose and lesson. If you already know your purpose, imagine turning up the dimmer switch and simply radiating that quality. Similarly, if you know what your life lesson is, simply find its opposite pole (your exalted lesson) then imagine yourself turning up your dimmer switch even more, until you are radiating out this quality too. For example, if your life lesson is about finding self worth then the advanced state is the teacher of self worth, the mentor. Simply imagine yourself radiating this quality into the world around you.
This is how you shine.

As soon as you think, “But I’m not that!” You’ve turned the dimmer switch back down. Simply turn it back up again and feel the warm glow flowing through all the cells of your being.
If you are not sure what your purpose or your lesson is you can get a work it out yourself from your fingerprints. Or simply go back to the beginning of this exercise. Choose any feeling of lack and then imagine radiating out an abundance of whatever it is you feel you lack.
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Doing vs being

Eeyore! Eeyore! This is going to be my new mantra every time I catch myself trying too hard
to “do” my life purpose.

What do I mean?

Have you noticed? The harder you try to grab onto your purpose the more elusive it gets?
Why can’t you just have what you really want?

It might astonish you to hear this but your life purpose is not actually “do-able” through traditional action plans.
Just as the donkey can’t reach the carrot by running faster because it’s attached to him (as he moves, it moves), so too with your life purpose.
Think of it as your cosmic carrot. It’s part of the mechanism that drives you.
The bait that motivates you to continue playing this wretched-blessed game called life.
Or as someone once said to me:
“You can’t change the program by running it.
You can’t change the program because you are the program.”

Here in lies the key to living your purpose:
“Life purpose is a consciousness to inhabit not an action to take” Richard Unger

You can’t have it because you already ARE it. It is not something to have or to do, it is something to be.
You can’t “do” being. That’s like trying to become more yin by applying more yang.

So how can you get the carrot?
(Humorous pic of donkey wanting carrot)

The first step needs to be a yin step not a yang one.
Being not doing.
Owning who you really are rather than focusing on the lack of who you really are. Continue reading

Light vs Lack

Think of yourself as a light switch. You’re either on or you are off.
It’s really the only choice we have. Moment by moment. Shine? Not Shine?

Or in computer speak 0101010000111110001010101010101010101001011111110010101110101010000011010000101011111
The permutations are endless.
It’s a creation game. And you are totally in control.
And look what fun it is to play. Even if your life looks like a huge melodrama right now.
Don’t like the movie? Re-write it by adding more light into your own sequence of on/off choices 0101000….
The question is: what switches you on? What switches you off?
This switch is visible in your fingerprints.
http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-hands-holding-light-bulb-bright-black-background-image32427614What do I mean?
It seems impossible that life can be so Continue reading

Transformation at your fingertips

What if….
What if you are actually limitless?
What if you needed to step down your energy (by taking on an illusion of limitation) in order to play on this plane?
What if this limiting thought (false belief about yourself) could be clearly identified, mapped and even tracked?
Well then, you would have a key to rapid transformation, to being limitless again but also here/able to still play on this plane at the same time.
This is the real gift if fingerprint analysis. The trick is to actually see this and act on it.
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