Are you both creative and precise?

Today we’ll be exploring a hand shape that typically belongs to web designers, photographers and architects.

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Air shape plus a long ring finger.
Here’s an example of this shape type. This is one of 4 hands we’ll be discussing today with Richard Unger.
web designer, architect, photographer, discover your inner mastermind, hand shape and personality .
Note the very long ring finger (Apollo mythological type) on an Air hand (shoebox shape) with a square tipped ring finger indicating creative precision.
Both this week and next we’ll be exploring pattern recognition, type variations plus the strengths, weaknesses, typical challenges and what to advise clients who have this hand shape combination. More about this series – for professional hand analysts wishing to take their work to the next level.

2 thoughts on “Are you both creative and precise?

  1. Dylan Reply

    Interesting. I’ve always found this sort of thing to be interesting.

    Particularly resonates with me, since I do creative work and web design myself
    Keep up the intriguing work!

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