Are you carrying a heavy burden for your family?

Sometimes we’re far more loyal than is good for us.
We carry burdens that aren’t ours. And sometimes we don’t actually need to. We just think we do.
burden of expectation, modern scientific hand analysis Do you feel the expectations of people you really care about and then do things for them that aren’t in alignment with your own needs, talents or inner calling?

This is normal in any family but what if it puts your whole life on hold?

For example, someone gives up their own dreams to help run the family business and then after their parents die they still do it even though it doesn’t bring joy or isn’t fulfilling.

When this condition is sever it shows up in the form of bubble (a centimeter or larger) at the bottom of your lifeline. In extreme situations, the bubble becomes a different color to the rest of the hand, off white beige or a greenish yellow. It may even take on a different, rougher texture to the palm around it.
burden of expectation palm marker learn to read a palm

The bubble opens and the effect is halved when the person becomes aware of and starts dealing with the situation.

The good news about this marker?
If you have it, it means you’re extremely loyal soul.

The bad news?
Perhaps the expectations are self imposed?

Are you carrying a heavier burden than you need to?
Is your soul crying out for freedom from a burden of perceived expectations?

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6 thoughts on “Are you carrying a heavy burden for your family?

  1. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Hi Jena, does this bubble needs to be formed by the branches of life line itself or it can also be formed by other lines?

  2. m Reply

    can this bubble look more like a diamond?

    clearly marked, and fitted between the lifeline
    and saturn line with adjoining lines to make up the sides.

  3. chanda jaiswal Reply

    Is there any difference between this bubble and fish mark ?

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