Are you from the moon?

Our next Gift marker topic call in Earth School covers three very different yet similar gift markers,
each one indicating a unique talent:
1. Moon Stars
2. Pluto Stars and
3. Neptune stars
Moon stars indicate a totally unique perspective, with flashes of intuition quite out of this world.
People with this marker generally wish to bring spirituality into the center of their lives.
They are often psychic or able to do deep transpersonal work.

Neptune Stars are lower down in the palm, almost where the hand joins the wrist. They indicate an ability
to be present when someone else is going through grief or dealing other deep emotions.

hospice workers or grief counselors
Pluto stars indicate radical transformation and the possibility of being able to help others rise again,
like the Phoenix out of the ashes.
phoenix yellow reduced
Here’s an image showing where these stars are located. The Pluto zone is marked in purple. The moon zone is marked here in red. And the Neptune region in blue. Check your own hand for any star formations in any of these three areas. If you are wondering what these look like, see if you can spot the star formation in the red zone on this hand. This is a perfect example of a moon star.
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6 thoughts on “Are you from the moon?

  1. Helena Reply

    I have a whorl on both palms in mount of the moon. What does this mean?

  2. Janet Li Reply

    Then what is the meaning of having a star on Via Iascivia that settles on the moon mount? Is it a gift mark?

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