Are you hyper-critical?

Sherlock Holmes image from wikipedia
Sherlock Holmes - the man with the twisted lip

Some people are just built to be more critical.
For example, if you have an air type hand shape and a long pinkie finger, you’re designed to think critically.
This hand shape combination is what Richard Unger calls “The Sherlock” type, after the famous detective Sherlock Holmes stories by Conan Doyle.
(To see an example of the Sherlock hand shape type scroll to the bottom of this post)

But what if Sherlock didn’t use this incredible faculty in his career but  instead turned his natural tendencies for in-depth enquiry and critique on himself?

He could could become his own worst enemy!

At 4pm Swiss time, 10 am Eastern will be discussing this topic through fresh eyes with Vaishali,
radio host and author of You are what you love.

Vaishàli,Earth School,Vaishali on the inner critic

Is there perhaps a positive side to the inner critic?

Why do we have one?
What is the inner critic’s spiritual function?
How do you put the inner critic in its proper place?
What does the inner critic do for you that the Soul cannot?
What does the inner critic hate that you need in order to reach

You’re invited to join us for this Earth School call
Here’s the link:
Earth School interviews

For a brief summary of what we discussed:

What the Sherlock hand shape type looks like:

air hand plus long pinkie/ mercury finger
Mercurial plus air hand shape

To learn more about this and other hand shapes and lines indicating a danger of being over critical of oneself download the recent hand analysis call with Richard Unger on the Inner Critic.

Hypocritical type?

Add a curved pinkie into the mix.

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