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How the hand reflects the brain

The hand is the visible part of the brain. Color, shape and line formations can and do change over time. They can also change instantly by responding to thoughts and feelings (color changes) or as old habitual thinking patterns are removed or personality patterns rewired (lines and shape change).

What doesn’t change is your fingerprints. These can be thought of as your “soul map” or what Richard Unger calls your “LifePrints” (in his book by that name). From this perspective, you are a spirit having a human experience. Your fingerprints, decoded using this system, reveal life purpose and life lesson.

However, after working with Richard’s system for over a decade and trying to explain how this works to thousands of people, and how to use this information in a practical and long term way, and teaching this system worldwide, this is what I find:

Your fingerprints reveal your mental programming (the “illusion” ) you are running in order to have a human life. The problem is, you can’t fix a program by running it. Essentially, there is nothing to fix. The task required is not fixing or changing but self awareness and self mastery.
You “fix” yourself by becoming aware of the fact that you are running a program and then, through mindfulness and self compassion, by figuring out how to Continue reading

Jupiter stars – what do they mean?

I’m thrilled and honoured to announce that we will be exploring gift markers with Richard Unger over the next 12 months. This new monthly topic series starts today.
Richard is the genius behind the concept of gift markers so this is a rare opportunity to get this information first hand, directly from the originator.
The 2014 series kicks off today with an exploration of the “Jupiter Star” type personality.
valedictorian hand marker, high achiever hand analysis marker, how to read a palmWhat is the Jupiter star type?
High achiever, man or woman of influence, valedictorian…
Here’s a related post I wrote a few years ago on – Jupiter stars and what they mean.
Perhaps I’ll have to review this post after the call. 🙂

Most gift markers are a call to action, for you to stand more fully in your power and share yourself and your talents with the world.
Here’s the famous Marianne Williamson quote to remind of of this call to action:
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

From: Marianne Williamson’s book – A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

Powerful stuff!

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The annual discounts are available until January 10, 2014

Is he good or bad?

Can you decide if someone is honest or dishonest, good or bad, right for your company or not just by looking at their palms?

I don’t think so.
Why not?

Humans make decisions based on totally unpredictable criteria that often have nothing to do with their character or personality. Beliefs, superstitions, values, family needs, a whim, a wager, flip of a coin, a personal debt, their self perception, another person’s influence….these are all decision making criteria not entirely linked to personality.

This is why hands, hand analysis, palmistry and also hand writing analysis, or any other personality assessment tool, which normally might be able to tell you quite a bit about a person, can never and should never be used to attempt to predict another person’s behavior. Or to try to determine honesty or dishonesty.

The way we make some vital decisions – to be good or bad or to give up on ourselves or not – is poignantly captured by Ayana Mathis in her novel the 12 tribes of Hattie.

One of her characters, Franklin, makes a life altering decision after guarding a beach all night where the rest of his platoon were planting land mines. At sunrise, as the platoon are leaving, a young Vietnamese boy and his grandfather are blown up as their boat reaches the shore. Franklin feels he should pay for what he’s just done. He wagers his future on whether he sees any evidence of the boy they’ve just blown up. If he sees a piece of the boy floating in the water towards them, he’ll give up alcohol for life. He doesn’t. And, as a result, gives up on himself totally.

This may be fiction but let’s get honest here. Haven’t you made some decisions on equally random criteria? The flip of a coin or whether a traffic light goes green in time? Or whether a jar opens or a fire lights? Or sign from nature?
I know I have.

Back to hands. Even if a hand looks hopeless. And the deck is stacked that this person is
a basket case, you can never tell whether or not a person has decided to act on his nature or to be good or bad.

A couple of years ago I asked Richard Unger his opinion on this and he agreed.

His argument?
Based on a person’s hand shape or palm markers you cannot say “This person will steal from you.” The best you could say is “If this person were to steal, this is how he would probably do it.”

A huge difference!

This is why the best use for hand analysis and other personality assessment tools is self inquiry and personal growth rather than an attempt to predict behavior. Continue reading

Are you a bit of a push over?

Do you allow the people around you to just do as they please?
Continue reading

Is your girlfriend a Red Queen?

Somehow we all know someone who is this type.
Is she in your bedroom? Or is “she” perhaps you? 😉
All of us have a Red Queen in us somewhere.
Red Queen advanced hand shape hand analysis classes with Richard Unger
I remember mine coming out once while visiting family.
(What’s that classic saying again about if you think you’re spiritual or emotionally above everything go home and visit your family?)
Anyway, this happened awhile back when I took my Swiss sweetheart home to visit his future in-laws.
It was a warm African night and we had had a wonderful evening in the Boma sitting round the fire listening to far off hyenas pierce the emptiness of a sky full of stars. Granted the red wine was flowing and people were saying what was closest to their hearts.
I can’t remember what we were discussing but my father quoted something totally misogynistic that he attributed to Dick Francis:
(Dick being an appropriate name here, whether the quote was accurately attributed or not.)

What did he say?
My father turned to my boyfriend and said, “Just remember this young man and you’ll be fine: ‘Scratch any woman deep enough and you’ll find a witch!'”
Anyway, that did it!
My Red Queen was let out of her cage and I went into rage mode.
I threatened beheading but in the end locked him out of the house for the night. Granted there was a large verandah with lots of cushions if need be and all he had to do to be let in was apologize. But instead, he sat down in his favorite chair and promptly fell sleep. Unfortunately my Swiss sweetheart, who hardly understood a word of the conversation and didn’t know our family, particularly that volatility evaporates, thought the end of the world had just happened. He went walk-about in the bush worrying that the continents had split, crashed and drifted apart. Meantime all any of us needed to repair the damage was sleep and perhaps an Aspirin.
That was my Red Queen moment but I’m sure you’ll agree I was severely provoked.

But what if this is how you are normally?
without provocation.

advanced hand shapes archetype, hand analysis classes, Richard Unger International Institute of Hand Analysis, scientific palmistry classes, hand reading, Water plus Zeus, Water plus Jupiter, Earth university
Do you know someone who chops people’s heads off over really trivial offenses? Or who gets really angry and upset and can’t be pleased no matter what?
Or is this how you could be much of the time if you hadn’t done lots of self awareness courses plus three yearlongs in hand analysis 😉
This is the hand shape we’re exploring with Richard Unger in our next two calls.
Here’s what the Red Queen hand shape looks like.
Narrow palm with long fingers, dominant or high set index finger.
Note: This isn’t just a women’s hand shape type but it’s easier for us to recognize the archetype when we look at mythology, fairy tales or movies or urban myths.
We’ll be discussing the strengths and weaknesses, the pitfalls and positive possibilities of this archetype during three hours of on-line classes. 19 and 26 March 2013. There’ll be a replay if you can’t attend live.
If you’d like to join this series of classes we have a limited time trial offer for you to take full advantage of.
More about this series of hand shape archetype classes with Richard Unger of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and yours truly of Earth School.

For more about the Red Queen Continue reading

Are you bad at delegating?

Are you trying to do everything yourself?
It’s one thing being able to manage on your own and not have to worry about all the politics and consequences that come as soon one involves another person.

Sooner or later there comes a time, however, when we need to reach out and rely on other people otherwise we end up doing all the work that we’re not good at and neglecting our own talents and genius.
I’m guilty of this to some extent. But fortunately I do have some team members. And even though it can be frustrating sometimes for both parties 🙂 I’m really thankful they’re in my life, driving me nuts at times but still helping me enormously. Not to mention the other advantages: connection, input and feedback. And learning to delegate or outsource smartly rather than micro-manage every detail is all part of the learning curve.
But what if you can’t do this at all?
Today we’ll look at how this shows up in hands – in the form of
the “It’ll do it myself” Thumb.

How does this express itself?
Recently I visited to a restaurant run by a woman who has a thumb just like the one below. Let’s call her “Anne.”
The day I dropped in everyone was happy and relaxed except Anne who was standing in the kitchen almost at breaking point. Turned out that she felt the waitress was too slow in turnaround. In her frustration she grabbed a teapot from the waitress and quickly filled it herself, thereby making the process perhaps 3 seconds faster than it might have been if she had simply relaxed and allowed the waitress to do it herself. Result: self torture and lots of anguish besides not being able to get on with her own more important work.

Here’s what a “do it all myself” thumb looks like.

how to read a palm, control freak, palmistry, palm reading, scientific hand analysis classes on line
Notice how high up on the palm the thumb starts. And then it juts straight out at 90 degrees.
(To be the perfect example – the thumb would be set even higher on the palm than this one is.)

The positive side of this marker is self reliance.
The dangers are too much self reliance results in isolation, lack of input and feedback from others as well as stress or even burnout.
For more on this see my Earth School post on the power of vulnerability. It includes a great video by Brene Brown who says “Vulnerability is the core of shame and fear and our struggle for worthiness but it’s also the birthplace of joy, of creativity, of belonging, of love.”
Action steps you can take right now Continue reading

Famous hands – Kennedy brothers, Lindberg, Garbo, Dietrich, Twain, Max Planck

hand analysis classes famous hands, how to read a palm, palmistry, palm reading, DIY hand analysis
This week we’ll be exploring famous hands from the past: The three Kennedy brothers, Charles Lindberg,
Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Mark Twain and Max Planck.
hand analysis classes, how to read a palm, palm reading, palmistry

Here’s Marlene Dietrich’s hand print.
hand analysis classes, DIY hand analysis, how to read a palm, palmistry classes, palm reading classes

Notice all the crackly lines on her palm. This is a creative, Fire hand shape type.
Also notice how long Marlene’s pinkie finger is. It’s much longer than the dotted red line (measured from the joint on her ring finger). This means she was quick, sharp and clever. No wonder she was able to keep reinventing herself over so many years.
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Decoding hand shape – free video

Hand shape is the ultimate personality assessment tool.
This 15 minute video explains Richard Unger’s thinking and most recent work on decoding hand shape.

The video is about 15 minutes long.
You can listen to the rest of this 35 minute interview in Earth School’s free auditorum.
What did we discuss?
There’s also another free call with Richard on hand shape in Earth School’s archives of free calls.
During this call we discussed 3 more archetypes (master of my domain, the professor and the musician.)
There are also a few posts by me on understanding hand shape plus a free class on common hand shape combinations.
Just log in free to access all these calls.

The new hand shape course with Richard starts in Earth School today.
Register here
Richard is director of the IIHA (International Institute of Hand Analysis).
A lot of the material we’ll be covering represents Richard’s latest work and has never been taught before.
Continue reading

Building a successful metaphysical practice – part 2

Our second call with RIchard Unger on the topic Building a Successful Hand Reading Practice is today.
We’ll be discussing the number one factor that most marketing gurus and business building strategists overlook.

What’s that?
Sabotage Strategies and Counter Strategies.

Are you unwittingly sabotaging yourself?
If so, in what way?
How to recognise this and what to do.
Last week discussed the first 5 of Richard’s 8 keys to running a successful metaphysical practice.
This week we’ll discuss 3 more keys to unlocking the door to success.

Is it really possible to earn money reading hands?

Register for this call here
If you miss the call, there’s a replay.

Life on a rollercoaster – living with composite fingerprints

Do you feel like your life is a neverending rollercoaster ride?
One moment high the next you’re plummeting into the pits?

on off success
For the next few weeks in Earth School the focus is on composite fingerprints.
What are these?
What do they look like?
What do they mean?
How can knowing about them help you?
What to do if you have a whole handful of composites?

On May 26th 2011 I’ll be interviewing Richard Unger again, author of LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints– on this topic.
During the second half of the call we’ll focus on 4 “show stopper” composites:

– Composites in the palm (moon)

– Composites on the left hand middle finger

– Composites on left ring finger

– Composites on the left pinkie

If you have a composite prints in your hands or fingerprints its time to listen in.

Join us for this call

What does a composite look like?
There are lots of different types and we’ll be exploring many  on this blog in the coming weeks.
The most common type is the composite whorl.
This looks a bit like a yin yang symbol or an “S”.

double loop

Composite whorl on the thumb


Image via Wikipedia

Some schools of hand reading call this a double loop.