Are you hypersensitive to criticism?

Some people are fair more sensitive to criticism than others.
If you have venus girdles in your hands this indicates a thin skin.

venus girdles palm markers indicating fantasy and sensitivity
hypersensitive to criticism
The positive side is sensitivity.
You pick up more information.
You can feel the wind before others.
You walk into a room and sense what’s going on immediately.
The down side is sensitivity. It hurts. Other people trample over your extra antennas or delicate machinery.

Venus girdle’s also mean you have lots of imagination and fantasy. So perhaps you imagine people are saying or doing things and beat yourself up unnecessarily rather than that other people are actually hurting you.

If you have this marker Byron katie’s 4 questions (the work) can help you and so can Ricahrd Moss’s Mandela of Being.

In Moss’s latest book Inside-out healing he combines Katie’s 4 question technique within the Mandala.
We’ll be discussing this with him in Earth School next week
on 1 April.

Tonight we’ll be discussing hand markers related to the inner critic with Richard Unger.
Join us here.
This is just one of many markers we’ll be discussing in great detail.

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