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How the hand reflects the brain

The hand is the visible part of the brain. Color, shape and line formations can and do change over time. They can also change instantly by responding to thoughts and feelings (color changes) or as old habitual thinking patterns are removed or personality patterns rewired (lines and shape change).

What doesn’t change is your fingerprints. These can be thought of as your “soul map” or what Richard Unger calls your “LifePrints” (in his book by that name). From this perspective, you are a spirit having a human experience. Your fingerprints, decoded using this system, reveal life purpose and life lesson.

However, after working with Richard’s system for over a decade and trying to explain how this works to thousands of people, and how to use this information in a practical and long term way, and teaching this system worldwide, this is what I find:

Your fingerprints reveal your mental programming (the “illusion” ) you are running in order to have a human life. The problem is, you can’t fix a program by running it. Essentially, there is nothing to fix. The task required is not fixing or changing but self awareness and self mastery.
You “fix” yourself by becoming aware of the fact that you are running a program and then, through mindfulness and self compassion, by figuring out how to Continue reading

Do you have a Saturn Star?

A Saturn star is star-like formation of lines in the palm directly under the middle finger.
It’s quite a rare line formation, and is considered a “Gift Marker”, indicating a tremendous talent that needs to be used.
So what gift does this particular star indicate?
In some hand shape types it indicates organisational ability. In others, it indicates a unique ability to generate wealth or abundance for other people (and hopefully oneself too) by connecting people to the resources they need.
The tendency is to put oneself last, and herein lies the challenge: recognizing one’s ability, developing the self worth and learning to reap the rewards.
We’ll be discussing the interpretation of Saturn stars in detail today with Richard Unger, the person who first identified this star/line formation as a gift marker. We’ll also discuss with Richard his further interpretations on how the nuances change according to different hand shape archetypes (personality and temperament).
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A lot of palm readers tell clients that this marker is negative. Please note that all markers are neutral. You are beating yourself up unnecessarily by buying into a negative interpretation.
May you recognize the gifts you have and share them with the world.
Purchase a series of calls on Gift Markers here
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Reclaiming your power

Stand tall. Take action. You can do it!
It feels good to finally stand up for yourself and your talents. Reclaiming your power.

How do we slip along the way and what can we do about it, to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Tuesday, April 2nd, we dived deep into this topic in Earth School with Richard Unger, author of LifePrints, deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints
On the call Richard shared over 40 years of looking at recurring life issues from the perspective of fingerprints.
The focus was right Jupiter life lesson (right index fingerprint).
Richard identified pitfalls and shared his tool kit of remedies and practical solutions for helping you stand up for yourself.
How themes of power and powerlessness show up but also what you can do about it. Or what advice you can give others if this is their hot topic.

Register for this series of hand analysis calls here.
Or buy them individually in the shop after the calls have taken place.
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Are you a bit of a push over?

Do you allow the people around you to just do as they please?
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Do you have a Neptune Star?

“Tears are words that need to be written” ~ Paulo Coelho
This week in Earth School we’re exploring the theme grief and rage and deep diving to places so dark few people are willing to go there voluntarily.
Neptune is king of these watery depths. This is the portion of your hand related to deep emotions. It’s the part of your hand towards the bottom of your palm where it joins your wrist.
If you have a star in this region then the following quote describes your talents:
“I need someone who believes that the sun will rise again but who does not fear my darkness. Someone who can point out the rocks in my way without making me a child by carrying me. Someone who can stand in thunder and watch the lightning and believe in a rainbow.” ~ Fr Joe Mahoney

You’re a deep diver. Someone gifted in being able to help others navigate deep waters and darker realms of human emotional experience.
Neptune star owners make great hospice workers or grief counselors. Most people can’t deal with such deep emotions. They can’t understand why the person feels so deeply or why they can’t move on. Neptune star owners know what its like to feel like you’re at the bottom of the ocean. They’ve been there themselves. They know that the only cure for grief is grieving. And they’re willing to be present without fearing another person’s darkness.

Do you have one of these stars? Here’s what a Neptune Star looks like.
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We’ll be exploring the Neptune Star in detail today during our Earth School call with Richard Unger on Grief and Rage.
Join this call here

Sometimes this star Continue reading

What gift can you bring into a marriage or partnership – just by being yourself?

Each of us has a different spark. Different roots and shoots and things that turn us on or off or make us special. A different way of shining.
And also a different way of offering love to someone we share our lives with.

What’s your special gift? The one thing you bring into a relationship without any work at all – just by being yourself?
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Feeling misunderstood? Our call on this topic is today

Do you feel misunderstood or like people are just not hearing or getting what you’re trying to tell them?
misunderstanding each other arguing quarrel
Our call on miscommunication and what to do is today.
How does miscommunication or feeling misunderstood show up in your hands?
More information here.

Earth School Topic Calls in 2012 with Richard Unger

Richard Unger has said yes to another year of topic and advanced threading calls in Earth School.
Take a look at the topics below. Some really hot topics.

The calls are always the first Tuesday of the month and practical print work (advanced threading) calls are always the second Tuesday of the month. Exceptions: January (last 2 Tuesdays), May (2nd and third) and August. (last 2 Tuesdays)

Topics as follows:

Jan 24, 2012: Building a Successful Practice
Advanced Threading: 31 January 2012

Feb 7: Procrastination (No accident that this call follows the previous one)
Advanced Threading: 14 Feb 2012

March 6: Thirty-Nine Steps (From the Big Gaping Hole to Living On Purpose)
Advanced Threading: 13 March 2012

April 3: The Desire System: An Owner’s Manual
Advanced Threading:: 10 April 2012

May 8: Hand Color and the Transmutation Process
Advanced Threading: 15 May 2012

June 5: Famous Hands
Advanced Threading: 12 June 2012

The Three Axioms of Soul Psychology

(Note: Richard want’s this to be three calls –
He has exercises on each to offer)

July 3: Experience Required
Advanced Threading:: 10

Aug 21: The Paradox Principle
Advanced Threading: Sept 28, 2012

Sept 4: The Validity of the Personality
Advanced Threading: Sept 11, 2012

Oct 2: Emotional Maturity and the Four Tasks of Psyche
Advanced Threading:: 9 Oct 2012

Nov 6: Soul Tracking: Oh so much deeper on what your heart line is saying.
Advanced Threading: Nov 13, 2012

Dec 4: Grief and Rage
Advanced threading: 11 Dec, 2012

Join these monthly calls with Richard here.

Are you hypersensitive to criticism?

Some people are fair more sensitive to criticism than others.
If you have venus girdles in your hands this indicates a thin skin.

venus girdles palm markers indicating fantasy and sensitivity

hypersensitive to criticism

The positive side is sensitivity.
You pick up more information.
You can feel the wind before others.
You walk into a room and sense what’s going on immediately.
The down side is sensitivity. It hurts. Other people trample over your extra antennas or delicate machinery.

Venus girdle’s also mean you have lots of imagination and fantasy. So perhaps you imagine people are saying or doing things and beat yourself up unnecessarily rather than that other people are actually hurting you.

If you have this marker Byron katie’s 4 questions (the work) can help you and so can Ricahrd Moss’s Mandela of Being.

In Moss’s latest book Inside-out healing he combines Katie’s 4 question technique within the Mandala.
We’ll be discussing this with him in Earth School next week
on 1 April.

Tonight we’ll be discussing hand markers related to the inner critic with Richard Unger.
Join us here.
This is just one of many markers we’ll be discussing in great detail. Continue reading

Do you have a Jupiter star in your hand?

A Jupiter Star is a gift marker indicating leadership and high achievement, according to Richard Unger, the man who first identified this gift marker and 16 others.

Are you the power behind someone else's throne?

Are you the power behind someone else's throne?

Sometimes one sees multiple Jupiter stars, or 8 pointed varieties.
These, according to Richard Unger, indicate the capacity to be a leader of leaders.

Only a few percent of people have this marker and even fewer have multiple stars.
If you have a Jupiter star it’s a big deal.

As with all star formations ask yourself:
What lines make up the star?
Are any points missing? If so, which?
What quadrant of the Jupiter mount is the star positioned in? This indicates what type of leadership.

The shadow side of the Jupiter star appears when these qualities are not fully owned and occupied.

The danger?
You’re built to take a leading role but instead of finding your own throne and sitting on it, you help someone else by playing second fiddle.
You take a supporting role in someone else’s mission.
The problem is, often this other mission is not your mission nor your purpose.
Then you’re in danger of losing the spark in your eyes.
You’re succeeding at the task but it doesn’t feel satisfying.

Jupiter star on a sunny day:
you have found your own particular throne and are sitting on it.
– the project resonates with and is driven by your purpose and passion.

Shadow scenarios:
• A constant feeling that one is underachieving, even when this is not the case.
• Attempting to be the power behind someone else’s
throne: president’s wife syndrome.
• Bringing out one’s ambition through another.
• Power plays or giving away one’s power.
• Trying to control the person who is in charge.
• Diminishing oneself to please others.

If you recognise any of these scenarios, don’t feel shamed.
You can’t have the light without the dark, and the dark serves the light
to add contrast and show you what you have.
Instead focus on the sunny side – the magnificence of what you have –
a powerful gift that’s begging you to own and fully inhabit it.

You’ll notice as with any marker, there isn’t just light and dark.
There are two shadow poles.
One is too much of a quality and the other is too little of it.
In this case, power.

This is what Richard Unger calls the “Goldilocks principle” :
too much, too little, just right.

Action steps you can take right now?

Be gentle on yourself when you err in either direction.
And keep making small corrections. Like an aircraft going from A to B.
90% of the time the aircraft is off course but through small constant
adjustments it reaches its target anyway.

In last week’s advanced threading call with Richard Unger we discussed this marker and its shadow side in relationships. We also discussed this marker during our first threading call earlier this year on knowing what you want.

In the hand we discussed during last week’s call, this marker was on a man’s hand
(see image below.)

These days this gift marker is found far more frequently on women’s hands than on men’s. Richard says this never used to be the case when he first started reading hands over 40 years ago.

I find this fascinating.
Why? Is it an indicator of the new spirit sweeping our planet? humanity re-owning its feminine power?

When I work with clients who have this marker in their hands I give them a picture of Imperia. The formidable statue by artist Peter Lenk that stands on the end of the jetty in Konstanz, Germany.
She’s magnificent albeit highly controversial. Full of positive female power, holding in one hand the pope and in the other the kaiser, both wearing crowns. Two little old naked dissatisfied men. They’re in stark contrast to her happy spirit and lythe female vibrancy.

Why do I give them this image?
It’s a good reminder to own and embrace this inner friend. Both the positive and the negative sides of her.

Jupiter star one of 17 Gift markers

If you have a Jupiter star, Imperia is both an inner friend and an inner enemy. Acknowledge her and give her space to reign.

What does a Jupiter star marker look like?
Jupiter star, palmistry, palm reading, how to read a palm
jupiter star gift marking

Do you have a Jupiter Star?

You’d like to know more about this marker? Continue reading