Are you picking your own berries?

I was in the supermarket about to buy fruit when my mind suddenly
sent me a picture of the bushes in my garden,
currently overflowing with juicy red berries.

berries on an elder bush
Image by littleBiGsis via Flickr

Why wasn’t I picking my own berries?
Not enough time? Not willing to ask for help?

Waiting for someone else to come and do it for me?

I immediately called up my mother-in-law and the next day we spent a few hours in the sun opening our hearts to each other while our hands picked berries. She came back later with a Swiss farmer friend and the two of them made sure not a single berry shrivelled on its stalk. 

Do you have an abundant berry bush somewhere in your own life that you’re currently forgetting to harvest?

Some unique gift or talent on the back burner?
Opportunities, possibilities, flushes of abundance?

Are you picking your own berries?

Or are you just going to leave them another year?

Will there be another year?

Don’t know what your unique gifts are? They’re visible in your hands through hand analysis.

12 thoughts on “Are you picking your own berries?

  1. mark@bunn coffee makers Reply

    This is a very interesting correlation with finding your own unique gifts, but it makes sense when you think about all of the talents that you may have going to waste.

  2. Tom@Priligy Reply

    I have some berry bushes in my backyard. I love picking them, it’s actually very relaxing and a fun activity for the kids 🙂

  3. Jody Reply

    Jenna, this is a wonderful analogy. I’m off to do an inventory so I can see how abundant my resources really are. Thank you!

  4. Dominika@vegetable growing Reply

    Interesting analogy and very timely as I was picking berries just yesterday. Yep, there are lots of unpicked berries in my life, time to do something with it. After all one has to pick berries before one can enjoy the taste 🙂

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